Ridley Scott Reveals Filming Start Date For Napoleon Biopic Kitbag

adminNovember 25, 2021

Ridley Scott Reveals Filming Start Date For Napoleon Biopic Kitbag

Ridley Scott reveals when his Napoleon Bonaparte biopic Kitbag will begin filming with Joaquin Phoenix and Jodie Comer in the lead roles.

Ridley Scott reveals when his Napoleon biopic, Kitbag, will start filming. Legendary filmmaker known for Alien, Bounty hunter, and countless other hits, is still fresh from the release of his most recent film, The last duel, which tells the story of the last known combat trial in medieval France between a knight who accuses his squire of raping his wife. Despite its star-studded cast that includes Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck, The last duel bombed at the box office, which Scott recently attributed to cell phone-obsessed millennials.

Now Scott is back on the press circuit promoting his next movie, Gucci house, which opens Nov. 24, though some can’t help but look forward to the projects the 83-year-old director already has scheduled for next year. One of them is a Napoleon Bonaparte biographical film titled Kitbag. The film has cast Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, reteaming with Scott for the first time since. Gladiator in 2000, in which Phoenix also played a complex emperor. Comer will also be meeting with the director, as she has reportedly been cast in the role of Napoleon’s wife, Josephine. Kitbag It will apparently launch on Apple TV +.

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Now, during an interview with BBC Radio (via Deadline), Scott reveals that his Napoleon Bonaparte epic, Kitbag, will begin filming on January 15 for Apple Studios. The plot details of the film are scant, although it is known that Kitbag It will focus on numerous aspects of Napoleon’s life from his humble beginnings, his relentless rise to power, and his famous military battles, all through the lens of his volatile relationship with Josephine.

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Scott’s intense productivity at the age of 83 is quite a marvel, considering he just delivered The last duel and Gucci house in consecutive months and will begin production on another major movie after such a short break. This is especially impressive when leading into an epic movie like Kitbag which he referred to as “monster“during the interview. Also on Scott’s plate are the next Alien and Bounty hunter television adaptations, in which he will participate in the elaboration.

The director has tackled biographical dramas before, as his last two films might even fit into that category, though Kitbag is shaping up to be a completely different beast. If the movie ends up depicting some of the most famous battles of the Napoleonic Wars, it could end up dwarfing the scope and scale of the earlier Scott and Phoenix historical epic. Perhaps it makes sense for such a legendary director and accomplished actor to face the life of a legendary figure like Napoleon.

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Source: BBC Radio (via Deadline)

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