Ringo Learns I’ve Got A Feeling In The Beatles: Get Back Clip

adminNovember 17, 2021

Ringo Learns I’ve Got A Feeling In The Beatles: Get Back Clip

A new clip from Peter Jackson’s upcoming documentary series The Beatles: Get Back features Ringo Starr learning “I have a feeling.”

A new clip released for Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back shows drummer Ringo Starr learning the song “I have a feeling.” The upcoming three-part documentary series chronicles the making of The Beatles’ 1970 album. Let it be, which originally had the working title “Get Back”. The series will also reveal never-before-seen footage of the iconic band and source footage from Sir Michael Lindsay-Hoggs’s documentary from the same year. Each episode will last approximately two hours and will premiere on Disney + consecutively on November 25, 26 and 27, 2021.

A new video was released on The Beatles’ official YouTube account, and features the Fab Four in a recording studio performing an early performance of one of their tracks called “I Have a Feeling.” The clip features the four band members sitting very close to each other as they rehearse the track with Paul McCartney providing instructions on the song’s progression. The video ends with drummer Ringo Starr posing the question “Is that called ‘I have a feeling’?“Look the following video:

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The longtime Beatles drummer had no limitations on his talent, occasionally singing lead vocals with the group as well, including on the tracks “Yellow Submarine” and “I Wanna Be Your Man.” Let it be marked the twelfth and final album by the celebrated rock band, as it culminated in their breakup. Return It is said to show the more optimistic side of the production of the latest Beatles album, as opposed to the 1970 documentary. Coming from Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, who just made the documentary feature film of the First World War. They will not grow old will seek to repeat that success with The Beatles: Get Back.

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