Ripley, New Android Design & Hicks’ Team

adminJune 6, 2021

Ripley, New Android Design & Hicks’ Team

New concept art for Neill Blomkamp’s canceled Alien 5 film shows the return of Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, Hicks’ team, and a new android.

Neill Blomkamp’s New Concept Art Canceled Alien 5 shows the return of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Hicks (Michael Biehn) and more. Ripley Scott’s space horror franchise has taken many forms over the years and questionable mythology has been created such as sequels, prequels, and IP mashup spin-offs. The most recent Alien Movies saw Scott return to the series to direct two prequels, Prometheus Y Alien: Covenant, which explored the origins of the iconic Xenomorph aliens.

At the same time that Scott was reinventing the Alien franchise, District 9 The director, Neill Blomkamp, ​​toyed with the idea of ​​making Alien 5. Her movie would have brought Sigourney Weaver back as Ripley to give her a better send-off than she received with Alien: resurrection. It also apparently would have reconfigured the events of the third and fourth films in the series by bringing Newt and Hicks back to life. Blomkamp and others involved in the film have scoffed at what his Alien 5 it might have appeared before its cancellation, and now a new concept art for the project has appeared online.

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Concept Artist, Geoffrey Thoorens, worked with Blomkamp to bring a version of his Alien 5 vision to life. Some of his work was released years ago, but now the artist has shared new images that he created. Thoorens has now uploaded over Alien 5 art he made in 2014 and 2015 to his website. The footage shows old Ripley returning, Hicks leading a team of soldiers and a new android skin. Check them out below:

Alien 5 Geoffroy Thoorens Building Concept Art
Alien 5 Geoffroy Thoorens Killson Concept Art
Alien 5 Team Concept Art Geoffroy Thoorens Mercs
Alien 5 Team Concept Art Geoffroy Thoorens Ripley, Hicks and Merc
Alien 5 Concept Art Geoffroy Thoorens Ripley and Jax
Alien 5 Geoffroy Thoorens Ripley Melted Face Concept Art
Alien 5 Geoffroy Thoorens Ripley in Water Concept Art
Alien 5 Geoffroy Thoorens Axis Concept Art
Alien 5 Geoffroy Thoorens Ship Concept Art
Alien 5 Concept Art Geoffroy Thoorens Weyland

Fans of the Alien The franchise is sure to be intrigued, to say the least, by the story Blomkamp wanted to tell based on this concept art. However, Alien 5The status of an actual production was not very clear, even when the director was actively working on it. Ridley Scott said the film was never scripted, while Blomkamp claimed it was primarily an exercise in creativity set within the popular franchise. It was in 2017 that Blomkamp and those involved with Alien 5 officially advanced, as Alien: Covenant disappointed with the box office and put the future of the franchise on ice.

Although this version of Alien 5 It didn’t take off before or after Disney bought Fox, it will only be a matter of time before the franchise continues on the big screen. Disney, 20th Century Studios and Hulu are working on a television show set in the Alien universe right now. But, the return of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley is a huge hook that Disney is sitting on right now. Given the studio’s interest in franchising and nostalgia, it might only be a matter of time before Alien 5 It happens even if it is not the movie shown in this concept art.

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Fountain: Geoffroy Thoorens

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