Rob Zombie Reveals The Munsters Wardrobe For Lily & Herman

adminJuly 17, 2021

Rob Zombie Reveals The Munsters Wardrobe For Lily & Herman

The upcoming reboot of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters movie gives fans a look at Lily and Herman’s sleeping wardrobe on Instagram.

Rob Zombie teased the sleeping wardrobe concept images for Lily and Herman in his The Munsters movie. The film is a reboot of the original sitcom that aired between 1964 and 1966 on CBS. After several movies and a follow-up series. The Munsters today, which ran between 1988 and 1991, there was no movement in the franchise for quite some time. The story follows the life of the everyday American family, although this family is made up of monsters. The house is made up of Herman (Fred Gwynne), Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), Grandpa (Al Lewis), Marilyn (Beverly Owen, later played by Pat Priest), and Eddie (Butch Patrick).

There was an attempt to bring The Munsters back in the fold in 2012 with a pilot for a show called Nightingale Lane coming to NBC. However, the show was not given a green light after the pilot stage due to the show’s tone. While Zombie recently confirmed his participation in The Munsters, the writer and director claims that he has been pursuing this project for 20 years. His reboot will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the Peacock streaming service. There have been rumors that his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Jeff Daniel Phillips have been cast as Lily and Herman Munster, respectively, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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Zombie launched costume design concepts on Instagram for Lily and Herman Munster. In particular, these concepts refer to sleeping looks for husband and wife. The images provide a bit more detail, indicating cobweb embroidery and destroyed edges for Lily’s wardrobe, and skull buttons and platform slippers for Herman. See below Zombie’s Instagram post:

Click here to see the post on Instagram.

Zombie made his directorial debut with House of 1000 corpses in 2003, followed by the sequel The Devil’s Rejects. After that, he restarted the Hallowe’en series along with a sequel, which divided horror fans. More recently, he has been making his films based on his original concepts with titles like The Lords of Salem Y 31. Zombie has a distinct and fearless style when it comes to images and writing. It is unknown if Zombie plans to mix up her style to be more in line with what fans of The Munsters are familiar or if the movie reboot will be a darker version of The Munsters.

With the original Munsters On air in the 1960s, the show was much cleaner compared to what Zombie usually airs. While these images are just concept designs, they seem to indicate that Zombie’s The Munsters it won’t be as dark as most of his movies. When combined with the Munster house design that the filmmaker released earlier this week, it’s clear that Zombie is really trying to honor the aesthetic of the original while putting his own spin on the classic property. Both Zombie and his wife remain active on social media, so the couple is likely to post more Munsters content in the coming months as the film continues to unfold.

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