Rob Zombie’s Munsters Movie Confirmed With Official Logo

adminJune 8, 2021

Rob Zombie’s Munsters Movie Confirmed With Official Logo

Rob Zombie confirms rumors that he is making a film version of The Munsters, which will reportedly open in theaters and at Peacock.

Rob zombie The Munsters The film is confirmed with an official logo. The classic 1960s style of wholesome family comedy received a monstrous makeover with the original. Munsters Television show, which aired for two seasons and 70 episodes on CBS.

But of course The Munsters it was in itself perfectly healthy entertainment, depicting the home life of a family of monsters inspired by the Univeral films of the 1930s. There was Fred Gwynne as Patriarch Herman Munster, Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster, Al Lewis as Grandpa, Beverly Owen and later Pat Priest as Marilyn Munster and, of course, Butch Patrick as Eddie Munster. These same Munsters would later star in the theatrical movie Munster, go home!, followed by an animated film and finally a 1981 television movie. The title was revived with a new cast from 1995. Here come the Munsters, and again with another new cast for 1996 The terrifying Christmas of the Munsters. The Wayans brothers were supposed to produce their own Munsters resurgence in the early 2000s, but the project never came to fruition. Bryan Fuller developed a TV reboot called Nightingale Lane which aired a special but was never cast in the series.

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The last attempt to revive The Munsters It will come from a man who is known for his love of all things horror, although his version of horror tends to be the opposite of sane. Hallowe’en director Zombie confirmed the news himself on Instagram, also posting a Munsters logo. See the image in the space below:

Reports that Zombie was working on a Munsters movie It first appeared earlier this year. It was later reported that Zombie’s Munsters The project would premiere simultaneously in Peacock and in theaters. The cast was reported to include Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster and Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, with Dan Roebuck, Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson also in the cast. Zombie says in his Instagram post that he has been trying to make one Munsters movie for 20 years, so obviously this is a huge passion project for him.

Zombie, of course, first made a name for himself as a musician, but then he moved on to film directing with incredibly gruesome horror movies like House of 1000 corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and of course your Hallowe’en reboot the movie (how original Hallowe’en Director John Carpenter didn’t like it). It remains to be seen how Zombie will bring his own particular vision of horror to influence The MunstersBut it’s safe to assume that you’ll at least tone down your gory tendencies a bit while tackling a beloved family title. On the other hand, maybe Zombie wants to take his version of The Munsters in a completely different direction and leave healthiness behind. It is true that Zombie has faced strange families in his previous films, so in a strange way, he seems suitable to revive. The Munsters. On the other hand, many did not care how he drove Hallowe’enSo perhaps there are reasons to be suspicious of what he will do to Herman and the gang.

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