Robert Pattinson Batsuit Hidden Details Revealed By The Batman Statue

adminMay 24, 2021

Robert Pattinson Batsuit Hidden Details Revealed By The Batman Statue

A ridiculously detailed new statue depicting Robert Pattinson in The Batman offers the best view yet of Caped Crusader’s new homemade bat costume.

A meticulously crafted new statue depicting Robert Pattinson in The batman reveals hidden details of the Batsuit. The Caped Crusader recently returned to screens thanks to the launch of HBO Max’s League of Justice Zack Snyder cut. But the Batman who appears in that movie, of course, is not the one who will take the character into the future for the DCEU.

In fact, the next incarnation of Batman is not coming from Snyder and Ben Affleck, but from Matt Reeves and Pattinson. Reeves The batman He envisions returning the character to a somewhat more traditional form, portraying Gotham’s defender early in his career as a vigilante and detective (with no Superman anywhere). And since he is early in his career as Batman, Bruce Wayne sports an outfit that takes on a decidedly rough and homely look. This includes the Batsuit, glimpses fans have gotten thanks to a combination of officially released trailers and leaked images.

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The latest leak related to The batman And specifically, the Batsuit is not in fact an image or a piece of video, but rather a sculpted representation. Created by Prime 1 Studio, the statue was inspired by Jim Lee’s promotional art for last year’s DC FanDome that shows Batman armed and posing on a gargoyle. Debuted as part of Prime 1 Studio’s At the next Level Showcase 2 event, the statue can be seen around 2:12:00 from the video in the space below:

Indeed, the statue is an incredible work of art, crafted with meticulous attention to every little detail. The most interesting aspects of the new bat suit include, of course, the hood, which is made of leather and appears crudely stitched, in keeping with the home-made aesthetic that seems to dominate in Reeves’ vision of Gotham. There is also the Batman insignia worked on the chest plate that appears to have been handcrafted with a weapon, leading to speculation that Batman himself made the insignia with the weapon used by Joe Chill to kill his parents (somewhat similar happened in the comics). Of course, it has also been noted that the new Batsuit is heavily armored compared to previous versions of the costume, and that is strongly reflected in the new Prime 1 Studio statue. Obviously Batman cannot go into battle without many weapons, which is why the statue shows him with sporting dart launchers on his gauntlets and a ton of gear on his tool belt. And in his right hand he holds his trusty grappling hook pistol.

The design of the Batsuit is, of course, of supreme interest to Batman fans as they try to judge the direction the series may go when Reeves and Pattinson take over. In fact, the design of the suit is usually a direct reflection of the tone of each of the bat Man movie. By Christopher Nolan bat Man the movies, for example, featured a more tactical bat suit, in keeping with the generally more realistic feel of those movies. On the other side of the spectrum, the over-the-top Batman and robin Batsuit with its infamous visible nipples betrayed the lack of seriousness of that movie. From every glimpse so far of the Batsuit in The batmanIncluding the very good looks offered by the statue pictured above, it’s clear that the new movie will be dark and gritty and based on a credible depiction of what a young and relatively inexperienced Bruce Wayne could put together for himself. This should give the movie a very unique and interesting angle as it takes Batman into a new post-Snyder era.

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Fountain: Prime 1 Studio / YouTube

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