Rosie Perez Hasn’t Been Invited To The Oscars Since Her 1994 Nomination

adminApril 14, 2021

Rosie Perez Hasn’t Been Invited To The Oscars Since Her 1994 Nomination

Rosie Pérez reveals that she has not been invited to attend the Oscars since her Best Supporting Actress nomination for Fearless in 1994.

Rosie Pérez reveals that she has not been invited to attend the Oscars since her nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Bold in 1994. Pérez, most recently seen on HBO Stewardess and DC Birds of prey (And the fabulous emancipation of a Harley Quinn), became a star after appearing in the 1989 Spike Lee drama Do the right thing. She became one of the most sought-after stars of the 1990s and was hailed for her skillful and emotional performance as Carla Rodrigo, a woman racked with guilt after failing to save her baby’s life despite surviving an accident. of airplaine.

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Since then, Pérez has worked steadily in Hollywood and is one of the highest-profile Latina actresses in the movie business. She is also outspoken about her place in modern American society, often taking on roles that expose the racism that lurks under the veneer of polite society. He also talked about how he didn’t like jokes about age in Birds of prey, where his character is called “Abuela”, despite the fact that Pérez is only 50 years old. Now, in a new report on the lack of Latino representation in Hollywood, Pérez has revealed a surprising way in which she has been marginalized.

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Talking to VarietyPérez says that despite being a member of the Academy, she has not been invited to the Oscars since she was nominated at the 1994 ceremony. Pérez says she loves the event and cheers on her fellow actors every year, but admits that she loves it. It hurts that he hasn’t been asked to attend in any way in over 25 years. He points to the lack of invitation as a symptom of Hollywood’s “deficiencies” related to “bigotry” and “racism.” Pérez says that change is happening, but that it is too slow. You can read their full comments below:

Not even [invited back to the Oscars] sit in the audience, do not present, nothing, and I am a member [of the Academy]. I love the Academy Awards. I encourage my teammates, but it hurts. It’s like when your home team doesn’t ask you to return to the stadium after you got up to hit and hit the home run. The biggest struggle has been navigating through other people’s shortcomings. The intolerance, the racism of other people, and specifically those who do not understand that they are fanatics or racists. Yes, changes are taking place, but it is too slow.


Perez’s revelation is not surprising, sadly. Despite a high-profile career over the past three decades, she has clearly been sidelined due to the bigotry she faces in Hollywood. And the fact that the Academy has not invited her to return to the Oscars is proof of that. Its first director, Lee, has also had a long and difficult relationship with the event starting in Do the right thing was rejected in favor of Driving Miss Daisy.

He also tried to extricate himself from 2019 Oscars later Green Book It won Best Picture, and one wonders if he and Pérez have shared their thoughts on the underrepresentation of the event. It is not yet clear if Pérez will be invited to the ceremony again, although she may not accept the invitation after all these years, especially if it is extended in the wake of her recent comments.

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Source: Variety

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