Saw Franchise Star Tobin Bell Was Aware Of Possible Spiral Cameo

adminJune 30, 2021

Saw Franchise Star Tobin Bell Was Aware Of Possible Spiral Cameo

Spiral briefly mentioned John Kramer, but Tobin Bell says he knew the writers almost gave Jigsaw an actual cameo in the reboot.

Tobin Bell was aware of a possible cameo in Spiral: from the book of Saw. Bell starred in 2004’s James Wan. saw as John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw. Bell returned to the role for the next seven sequels and was last seen in 2017. Puzzle. After a four-year hiatus, the saw franchise returned this year with Chris Rock’s Spiral, which acts as a soft reset. The latest film ended on a suspense, but it is unknown if Lionsgate has plans to make Spiral 2.

While the Rock movie has clear differences from the original movies, it is still considered a sequel. Spiral takes place in the same universe as Saw, but Bell does not return. John Kramer was mentioned in the movie when detectives tracked down a Jigsaw impersonator, and his photo was even seen at the police station. Recently, Spiral Writer Josh Stolberg revealed that they considered bringing Bell back for a cameo, leaving the option open until the last day of editing.

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Bell still hasn’t seen the last one saw movie, but was aware that there was a cameo on the table. Veteran saw actor praised Rock during an interview with Comicbook and explained why he thinks it did not appear in Spiral. Most importantly, you don’t seem to have any hard feelings for not showing up on reboot. Bell’s full comment on the cameo can be read below:

“I haven’t been able to see the movie yet. And I was aware of that, but I think in the end they got together and decided [not to do it]. Chris Rock is a very creative guy. So with Chris, maybe they felt they had enough. I do not know. I haven’t seen the movie so I have no idea. But I can tell you that the creative minds behind saw they are not asleep. And hopefully we can move on with something that’s refreshing and answers some questions that need answers. So I have nothing that I can tell you conclusively, but I can only tell you that I was aware of all of that. And I’m not surprised it was happening. “

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in Saw 2

Instead of focusing solely on the blood, Spiral It was a more socially conscious film that delved into police corruption. While it still has elements that made the saw Popular franchise, Rock took a very different direction with his film. Because of this, it makes sense that Bell is not included in the movie. Although each saw sequel largely revolved around John Kramer’s legacy, the character died at the end of Sierra III. Giving Bell a cameo in Spiral It would have been a fun surprise for longtime fans of the series. However, it really wouldn’t have made sense.

First saw received positive reviews, but all the sequels fell short of the original. Many horror fanatics have had enough saw movies, especially after Lionsgate again failed to deliver a worthwhile sequel with Puzzle. Spiral took a new approach to the franchise, but the movie probably wouldn’t have connected with audiences if they hadn’t at least mentioned Kramer. However, at this point, it’s safe to say that Spiral showed that saw He no longer needs John Kramer.

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