Scarlett & Baroness In Snake Eyes Are Setup For Future GI Joe Movies

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Scarlett & Baroness In Snake Eyes Are Setup For Future GI Joe Movies

With Snake Eyes poised to establish a new GI Joe franchise, film characters like Scarlett and Baroness will see expanded roles in the future.

Characters like Scarlett and Baroness in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins They are destined to shape future GI Joe movies. Hasbro’s property, GI Joe, previously made two attempts to cultivate a film franchise, but efforts to continue dried up after the lukewarm reception in 2013. GI Joe: Retaliation. Now Snake Eyes aims to revive the series with an origin story centering on the titular mute ninja (Henry Golding). By taking an unconventional approach to the character, that is, by showing his face and making him speak, Snake Eyes comes with great plans for the future.

The film, directed by Robert Schwentke, follows Snake Eyes as he trains with the Arashikage clan on the way to join the Joes. Although much of the film will focus on Golding’s hero, there will be many familiar GI Joe characters that populate his story. This includes his friend-turned-foe Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji), his future ally Scarlett (Samara Weaving), and Operational Baroness Cobra (Úrsula Corberó). As far as the latter two are concerned, fans should be warned in advance that there are bigger plans ahead for Scarlett and Baroness, so don’t wait that long with them on. Snake Eyes.

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Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently spoke with Empire to break down all the new developments of the last Snake Eyes trailer. It is clear that di Bonaventura and his team already had their eyes on the future by doing Snake Eyes as it said that Scarlett and Baroness were added to the movie to have parts expanded in the future. Di Bonaventura said:

“Snake Eyes is a window into how he eventually joins the Joes, so neither Scarlett nor Baroness are the most important characters, it’s more of a setting that exists in this universe and if we’re lucky enough to do a sequel, that will expand. more”. in a Joe movie instead of a Snake movie. I don’t want to fool anyone into thinking they have giant parts; They have solid parts that you can introduce those characters into and it provides the way for the movie to, I’ll say, stop being just a samurai movie. You see Cobra a little bit, but through those characters. They enter the world of the samurai instead of us entering Joe’s world. “

Sounds like, when doing crafts Snake Eyes, Schwentke and di Bonaventura aimed to take the MCU approach. That is, they have chosen to present familiar characters on a smaller scale, which may then open up the world more in the future. This has been the MCU’s focus from the beginning; for example, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was introduced in Iron Man 2 in a support capacity before becoming a major player in The Avengers. Scarlett and Baroness are on a similar path for the world of GI Joe.

This also suggests that Snake Eyes don’t get too bogged down with the table. Too often when a movie has franchise aspirations, it fills the plot with countless taunts for the future. Weather Snake Eyes he’s sure to have some Easter eggs (and he’s already guaranteed to save the main character’s biggest injury for later), hopefully staying focused on the origin story he’s telling. Yes Snake Eyes is a success, there will be plenty of time to tell other stories in the future.

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Fountain: Empire

  • Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins (2021)Release date: July 23, 2021

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