Sharon Stone Reveals She Was Pressured To Have Sex With Male Co-Stars

adminMarch 21, 2021

Sharon Stone Reveals She Was Pressured To Have Sex With Male Co-Stars

Sharon Stone opens up about her struggles with producers who asked her to have sex with her male co-stars for the sake of “on-screen chemistry.”

Sharon stone has revealed that various producers pressured her throughout her career to have sex with male co-stars. The Oscar-nominated star, who rose to fame in filmmaker Paul Verhoeven’s 1992 thriller, Basic instinct, became known as a sex symbol as a result of the success of that film and has most recently been seen on television series, Ratched.

Despite a long early career based primarily on television throughout the 1980s, Stone was far from a household name. Even a small part with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Full recovery It did not boost his profile greatly. However, once Basic instinct hit theaters, it marked not only a new level of acclaim for Stone, but also a new direction for cinema in general. Verhoeven had long built a reputation for incorporating daring elements into his films, but as a Dutch director, his European film style was something quite new to audiences, especially in America. Basic instinct it was filled with sex and nudity, and it received the most attention for one particular scene involving Stone. While being questioned by the police for murder, Stone’s character, Catherine Tramell, uncrosses her legs to briefly reveal that she is not wearing underwear.

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According to Variety, Stone has revealed in his upcoming memoirs, The beauty of living twice, that in addition to being tricked into entering the aforementioned scene, the male producers also repeatedly asked her to have sex with her male co-stars. The excuse given by these producers was reportedly that it would increase the on-screen chemistry between Stone and his male co-stars. Stone does not name the producers she accuses of this gross abuse of power, and by refusing to have sex with her co-stars, she was deemed “hard. “Read what Stone wrote about the situation below:

I felt like they could have hired a talented co-star, someone who could present a scene and remember its lines. I also felt that they could fuck him themselves and leave me on the sidelines. It was my job to act and I said so. This was not a popular response. I was considered difficult.

Sharon Stone and William Baldwin in 1993's Sliver

In recent years in particular, the degree of sexual assault and sexism in the entertainment industry has become a major talking point. The #MeToo movement clearly played a substantial role in this, but these crimes didn’t just start in the latter part of the last decade. Instead, actresses like Stone were grappling with what was once considered the nature of the industry. At one point in her memoirs, Stone also references Ava Gardner, an acclaimed movie star during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, and realizes that she too was faced with a male-dominated industry that is often he took advantage of his actresses.

It’s tempting for some to say that with the advent of #MeToo and the incarceration of serial rapists Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, things are really changing for women in Hollywood. By Sharon Stone The accusations will surely help shed more light on what women as actresses are subjected to, but much work remains to be done to eliminate the culprits and facilitate these crimes.

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Source: Variety

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