Shazam 2 Director Confirms Filming Has Started

adminJune 1, 2021

Shazam 2 Director Confirms Filming Has Started

Director David F. Sandberg confirms on social media that production on the highly anticipated Shazam 2, Fury of the Gods, has officially begun.

Director David F. Sandberg has confirmed that the filming of Shazam 2, Fury of the gods, has officially started. As a continuation of the DC Extended Universe success of 2019, the details of the plot are still unknown, except for the fact that the titular hero will have to face Atlas’s daughters, including Hespera and Kalypso. In addition to the returns of most of the main cast, Shazam 2 will feature Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Emmy nominee Lucy Liu as the film’s villains.

The first film focused on the troubled teenage orphan Billy Batson when he is recruited by the wizard Shazam to become its titular champion and protector of Earth against the Seven Deadly Sins and anyone who seeks to free them, namely Dr. Thaddeus. Sivana by Mark Strong. Although it is one of the lowest grossing entries in the DCEU, Shazam! was considered a success at launch, still earning more than triple its production budget. The sequel was announced shortly after the premiere of the first film with the return of screenwriter Henry Gayden and Sandberg was expected to return and subsequently confirmed at the 2020 DC FanDome.

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What Sandberg He took to Instagram to share an image of his “Shazamcam” from the set of the DCEU sequel, many began to ask in the comments if production on the film had begun. In addition to confirming yes, Sandberg also noted that it started “a few days“before posting the team. Take a look at Sandberg’s” Shazamcam “below:

Production starts in Shazam 2 This month has been teased by the stars and the filmmaker countless times since last fall, but hearing that it’s finally up and running is certainly an exciting thing to learn. Shazam! came as one of the DCEU’s biggest surprises at launch and a necessary one since, along with Aquaman, signaled the change of course to get critics in favor of the series. With Sandberg, Gayden and the rest of the cast returning for the sequel and DC Films still dedicated to its character-based storytelling, the streak should continue for the lightning-powered hero.

Even if Shazam 2 It won’t feature a proper Henry Cavill Superman look after his failed attempt at his first movie landing, he’ll surely have a lot to draw audiences to theaters. Plus, with Sandberg’s love of staying in touch with fans through his social media accounts, the director is sure to deliver more taunts and trolls as a production in Shazam 2 keep going. Not to mention that another DC FanDome is coming later this year, more reveals are sure to come sooner rather than later.

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