Snake Eyes Featurette Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look At G.I. Joe Movie

adminMay 22, 2021

Snake Eyes Featurette Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look At G.I. Joe Movie

The behind-the-scenes feature film promises the story before Snake Eyes lost his voice and honors the work of GI Joe comic book writer Larry Hama.

Fresh off the release of a new trailer, Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins has released a new feature that takes fans behind the scenes. The film stars Henry Golding as the fan-favorite character Snake Eyes in a feature-length origin story that is scheduled to reboot the G.I. Joe film franchise. At a time scheduled to come out in October 2021, Paramount increased the film’s release date to July 23, 2021.

Now with only two months until Snake Eyes opens in theaters, the studio has begun stepping up marketing efforts for the film to let the public know that the film will hit theaters soon. New images first appeared which were then followed by an official poster for the film. The first trailer of Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins debuted during the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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In addition to the trailer, Paramount images He also released a feature film titled “5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Snake Eyes (2021 Movie)” that takes audiences behind the scenes of the upcoming movie. The report features Larry Hama, who wrote the series. GI Joe: a true American hero for Marvel Comics, as well as his contributions to GI Joe and what he brought to the series. It also shows filming in Japan, how Snake Eyes will show audiences the story before the main character lost his voice and how he will fit into the larger GI Joe universe. Check out the full clip below:

It’s clear in this clip Snake Eyes It will honor the character as the audience knows him and at the same time bring something new to the table. It seems that authenticity was key between the filming location and the way the film aims to pay tribute to the comics. The featurette also highlights Snake Eyes‘action sequences, which should be exciting to see up close on the big screen.

Snake Eyes will face stiff competition in July as it opens two weeks later Black widow, a week later Space Jam: a new legacy, and will open the same weekend as Hotel Transylvania: Transformania and M. Night Shyamalan’s Old. With more theaters reopening after more than a year of being closed, Paramount hopes that public excitement will lead them to see a new version of the GI Joe franchise, one that hasn’t had a movie in theaters in more than eight years with the launch of GI Joe: Retaliation in 2013.

Paramount and Hasbro’s attempt with Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins it is very similar to Bumblebee from 2018. Both films focus on the origin story of a single fan-favorite character in hopes of being a springboard for future films by including characters from the larger story in. Bumblebee Featured appearances by Optimus Prime and cameos by Soundwave and Shockwave, and Snake Eyes will feature Storm Shadow, The Baroness and Scarlett. Both films also coincidentally focus on characters losing their voices. Weather Bumblebee was the lowest grossing film in franchise history, its critical reception and audience response was enough to get more Transformers films in development. Paramount is probably waiting Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins you can do the same with your other Hasbro brand.

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  • Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins (2021)Release Date: July 23, 2021

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