Snake Eyes Movie Video Shows Off The Cast’s Fight & Stunt Training

adminJuly 10, 2021

Snake Eyes Movie Video Shows Off The Cast’s Fight & Stunt Training

A new video for Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins offers a look at the stunt and fight training the cast underwent for the film’s action sequences.

A video for Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins highlights the stunt and fight training the cast underwent for the film. The live-action franchise focused on Hasbro’s iconic product line first entered development in 2003 before being delayed for political reasons and finally hit the screen in 2009 with Channing Tatum. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Although poorly received, the film was a box office success and garnered a sequel. Retaliation, which added Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis and several others to the cast.

After nearly eight years of discovering a future path for the franchise, Paramount chose to shift development towards a spin-off focusing on the iconic ninja Snake Eyes and his origin story. Editing of a cast directed by A Simple Favor Y Crazy Rich Asians Henry Golding, production progressed rapidly. Having overcome multiple COVID-19 related delays in its launch, Snake Eyes finally getting closer to your arrival.

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With only two weeks until the movie hits theaters, Fandango He took to Twitter to share a new feature from Snake Eyes. The video offers a look at the training of the cast and crew in stunt and fight work with the Fight Coordinator and Second Unit Director Kenji Tanigaki. Check out the exhilarating new look below:

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Where the first two films struggled to find an exciting way to bring the action to life with CGI and practical effects, it seems like Snake Eyes you’re doing a good job of substantiating your sequences. Given how well properties like the John wick Y Atomic blonde The franchises have been greeted for their hands-on action and first-hand stunt work from the actors themselves, great to see the Snake Eyes filmmakers who keep this trend alive. Especially given the martial arts nature of the story and actors Andrew Koji and Iko Uwais’ backgrounds in martial arts and stunts, director Robert Schwentke’s decision to move away from CGI seems like the right decision.

Have Tanigaki, known for his stunts in Blade II and the one directed by Donnie Yen Enter the Fat Dragon, seems to be paying off Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. With the action looking to be the best yet in the Hasbro franchise, the biggest hope is that the story can reach the same heights. Past images have suggested that it can do just that. Only time will tell when the film finally hits theaters on July 23.

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Fountain: Fandango/Twitter

  • Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins (2021)Release date: July 23, 2021

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