Snoop Dogg’s Dangerous Domino Tournament

adminApril 18, 2021

Snoop Dogg’s Dangerous Domino Tournament

The first trailer for Domino: Battle of the Bones drops online, teasing the dangerous satirical world of underground domino tournaments.

The first official trailer of Domino: Battle of the Bones has been released, centered on a chaotic tournament and sparking a satirical version of classic chapel dramas. The film was directed by former NBA star Baron Davis in collaboration with Steven V. Vasquez Jr. and Carl Reid. Davis and Reid also wrote the script, along with Pamela Azmi-Andrew. Upon completion of production, TriCoast Entertainment acquired the US rights and announced that Domino: Battle of the Bones It will be released in select theaters on June 11, 2021.

To celebrate the announcement, the trailer for Domino: Battle of the Bones was released through TriCoast around the world. Introducing Snoop Dogg and coming back He shouted star David Arquette, the action centered on a disparate group of competitors as they passionately plan an upcoming domino tournament. Packed with a satirical character, the film could best be described as Boyz on the hood through the classic Christopher Guest films. According to Davis, the game provided “the perfect recipe for human connection“while wearing a cast with”panache and a true understanding of comedyWith the tongue firmly on the cheek, various social dynamics (and the history of dominoes) come together firmly. Check out the trailer below:

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Official Synopsis Reads: A fallen Comptonian domino champion recruits his wise white grandson to help him win an out of the ordinary and bleak as hell tournament in hopes of regaining his former glory. Besides Snoop and Arquette, Domino: Battle of the Bones stars Lou Beatty Jr., Tasie Lawrence, Megan Sousa, Anthony “Scruncho” McKinley, Godfrey, Haha Davis and The dark knightTom “Tiny” Lister Jr. In addition to writing and directing, Davis also starred. The original music was provided by Bart Oatmeal and Mike & Keys.

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