Snyder Cut Leads To 64% Increase In HBO Max Downloads

adminApril 2, 2021

Snyder Cut Leads To 64% Increase In HBO Max Downloads

Third-party analysis reveals that Zack Snyder’s Justice League helped generate 1.48 million downloads of the HBO Max app, an increase of 64 percent.

The launch of Zack Snyder’s Justice League led to a 64 percent increase in HBO Max app downloads. The Snyder Cut is easily the highest-profile release on the HBO Max app to date, finally allowing viewers a chance to see Zack Snyder’s original version of League of Justice. Naturally, there is great interest in how the gigantic four-hour film unfolded.

However, this is not just a matter of academic interest. The Snyder Cut was released in response to a years-long campaign, and fans of controversial director Zack Snyder have now moved on. His goal is to “restore the SnyderVerse,” encouraging the release of David Ayer’s 2016 cut. Suicide squad and hopefully get Snyder’s League of Justice sequels made too. However, it is one thing for a campaign to be trending on Twitter, but the reality is that this will only happen if the Snyder Cut is a success for HBO Max. Unfortunately, streaming services tend to be quite secretive when it comes to posting performance metrics, such as viewing figures. That means the best indication comes from third-party analytics companies.

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Bloomberg has analyzed Apptopia data, which estimates mobile app performance metrics, including downloads, in-app purchases, and daily active users. According to Apptopia, in the week ending March 28, there were 119.1 million app sessions on HBO Max, an increase of 8.9 percent. Additionally, there were 1.48 million downloads of the HBO Max app, an increase of 64 percent.

Superman Snyder Cut

This is currently the best true indication of Snyder Cut’s actual performance on HBO Max. Another third-party analytics company, Samba TV, had reported 1.8 million viewers on the first Snyder Cut weekend; but their measurement only represents people who watched more than the first five minutes, and then clarified that only 1/3 had finished the Snyder Cut during that period. Also, an update on Twitter Suggested views of the movie had slowed down for the rest of the opening week. But audience isn’t the key metric for a streaming service anyway; the most important are subscriptions, retention and commitment. The increase in sessions reported by Apptopia indicates that existing subscribers were particularly active in the week after the launch (participation) of Snyder Cut, while the marked increase in downloads is a good indicator of new subscribers. It is reasonable to assume that they also rallied during the opening weekend.

This doesn’t necessarily point to lasting growth for HBO Max; the challenge is whether those new subscribers can be retained. Fortunately, Snyder Cut is just the first major release on HBO Max, with Warner Bros. releasing all of its 2021 movies in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. This means that the streaming service has a lot of high-profile content on the way, including Godzilla vs. Kong. In general, then, it seems that Zack Snyder’s Justice League should be considered a positive start to a solid period for HBO Max, although it is still doubtful that it worked well enough on its own to restore the SnyderVerse.

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Source: Bloomberg

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