Solo’s Enfys Nest Actress Would Totally Play The Star Wars Character Again

adminApril 4, 2021

Solo’s Enfys Nest Actress Would Totally Play The Star Wars Character Again

Exclusive: Solo actress Erin Kellyman is fully set to play Enfys Nest again in a future Star Wars project, especially The Mandalorian.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Actress Erin Kellyman wants to return as Enfys Nest in the future Star Wars draft. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm several years ago, the plan was to launch a new Star Wars movie every year. This began with the continuation of the Skywalker saga and began the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčindependent films, such as Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film stars Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo, Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian, and introduced audiences to several new characters from a galaxy far, far away.

Among the many fan-favorite additions to Star Wars that came from Solo: A Star Wars Story, resistance fighter Enfys Nest quickly caught the attention of onlookers. She was accused of being an antagonist for much of the film until the leader of the Cloud-Riders was unmasked and his purpose revealed. Sporting a killer costume and striking bow, fans were expecting to see much more of Enfys Nest in the aftermath of Solo: A Star Wars Story. There are currently no official plans for such a sequel, but actress Erin Kellyman hopes to reprise her title role at some point.

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Erin Kellyman can currently be seen on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier where she plays Karli Morgenthau, the leader of the Flag-Smashers. Screen Rant I recently had the opportunity to speak with Kellyman as part of the promotion for the Marvel Disney + series. During the interview, we asked him about the possibility of returning to Star Wars in the future for a spin-off of Enfys Nest or another property, and she’s very interested.

I would love it if that was the case. I haven’t heard anything, but I would love to play Enfys Nest again. If Disney came to me and said, “Will you play it again?” I would do it 100%. She was a really fun character to play.

The great recognition of Enfys Nest within the Star Wars The continued relationship between the fandom and Kellyman with Disney could be a good sign that the character / actress combo will return at some point. Kellyman is not only in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but she is also preparing to be one of the protagonists of Lucasfilm Willow Disney + series. This will ensure Kellyman is busy for the foreseeable future, so an Enfys Nest movie or series could potentially fall behind on your schedule. However, there is a strong chance that it will return eventually as Lucasfilm continues to increase its Star Wars production.

While an Enfys Nest spin-off or a direct follow-up to Solo: A Star Wars Story could come in the future, there are already properties in development where the character could return. Kellyman told us he wants to appear on The mandalorian, which is doable even if you advance the Enfys Nest story by more than a decade. Enfys Nest could fit more naturally Andor or Country. An appearance in Andor It could provide more background on his character and the Cloud-Riders’ link to the Galactic Rebellion. Meanwhile, Country It could be a chance for his story to move forward if Glover’s soft-spoken smuggler and the criminal side of Star Wars is the focus. In any case, hopefully we won’t have to wait long for Kellyman to play Enfys Nest again.

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