Space Invaders Movie Will Not Be A Classic Invasion Story, Says Writer

adminApril 24, 2021

Space Invaders Movie Will Not Be A Classic Invasion Story, Says Writer

Mortal Kombat writer Greg Russo says that Space Invaders is still alive at Warner Bros. and reveals that its adaptation will not be a classic alien invasion story.

Warner Bros.’ Space invaders The movie writer says the adaptation won’t be a classic alien invasion story. One of the first true classics of video games, Space invaders hit arcade games around the world in 1978. The simple yet addictive game became a must-have cartridge for the Atari 2600 home system.

Like most classic video games from the 80s Space invaders Naturally, it has gone through multiple iterations over the years, appearing on various consoles and, as of late, making its way into mobile gaming. The game has also been featured in movies, most memorably. Fast times at Ridgemont High, Terminator 2: final judgment and Adam Sandler Pixels. A real film adaptation of Space invaders did not become a possibility until 2011 when Transformers Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura began developing a film. In 2015, Dan Kunka took on the task of writing a script based on the very simplistic still shooter. The most recent update on the long-standing project revealed that writing duties had been transferred to Greg Russo with Akiva Goldsman producing for Warner Bros ..

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Talking to We got this covered to promote the next Mortal Kombat movie, Russo gave an update on Space invaders and confirmed that he is indeed still alive. Russo then dropped a hint as to what he wants to do with his adaptation and indicated that he doesn’t plan to write the standard invasion movie in the Roland Emmerich style:

Space Invaders ended up at Warner Bros., and also New Line, the same kind of team that Mortal Kombat put together, and that’s one that I’m really excited about. That’s a movie when I walked up to it and thought, ‘I don’t want to do Independence Day.’ That was basically, I think that was the only thing I said, ‘I don’t want to do the invasion movie I’ve seen 100 times.’ So for me, it was about finding a new way to get into that title, which I think is really going to blow people’s expectations and they’ll see something that hopefully they weren’t expecting, so I’m excited. for it.

Tackling another iconic video game franchise shouldn’t be a problem for Russo after he wrote the script for the long-awaited Mortal Kombat movie about to hit theaters. As an additional advantage for Russo and the company in development Space invaders, it’s actually hard to imagine how such a movie should look and feel. In fact, the game is so basic that a writer could go almost anywhere. Judging from his new comments, it seems that Russo is not interested in the classic premise in which a group of aliens appear on earth and must be fought by humans (which is more or less what the game offers).

But if Russo isn’t going to deliver a Independence Day-lien invasion movie style, what exactly are you looking to create with Space invaders? A direct link to the video game is a possibility, maybe something in the style of The last starfighter where a Space invaders The player ends up fighting aliens. Regardless of what Russo ends up doing with the movie, it’s a fair bet that there will be no place for a Will Smith-style enthusiastic hero to punch aliens in the face. Having said that, Independence Day After all, it’s not that bad of a model for an alien invasion movie, as the movie made a huge box office business and helped define the genre. But nonetheless, Russo should be applauded for at least trying to dream of something new and unexpected while tackling adaptation. Space invaders.

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