Spider-Verse Section Added To Marvel On Disney+

adminNovember 15, 2021

Spider-Verse Section Added To Marvel On Disney+

Disney + adds a Spider-Verse section in the Marvel category, allowing viewers to select projects from many different Spider-Man eras.

During the many announcements that came out of this year’s Disney + Day event, one little piece of information posted was the addition of a Spider-verse section on the transmission platform. This occurs during a time when a Spiderman The multiverse is on the minds of every Marvel fan. The MCU has currently been expanding on the idea of ​​the multiverse with some of its Phase 4 entries.

Also, the hype surrounding the next Spider-Man: No Way Home is everywhere on the internet due to the fact that older villains, not MCU Spiderman the movies will make appearances as the villains. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are also rumored to be in the movie, reprising their roles as Spider-Man in their respective franchises. Those who eagerly await No way homeThe arrival in theaters has a new way of killing time, thanks to the streaming service.

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Now, a Spider-Verse section has been added to Disney +. Fans can see it by visiting the app and going to the Marvel banner. This collection apparently has every piece of Spiderman content that the application has to offer. It is convenient for those who just want to see anything related to Spiderman, whether new or old.

Spiderman No Way Home Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield Classic Spiderman Themes

This section on Disney + gives fans access to many Spiderman projects that have been launched over many years. Some older cartoons are included like Spiderman (1994) and Spider woman (1979), and some newer ones like Spiderman (2017). The category also has the web-slinger’s appearances in the MCU (except for his own solo films). This includes Avengers: infinity war and Endgame, like Captain America: Civil War. The exclusion of Tom Holland’s solo MCU entries is likely due to the fact that they are co-produced with Sony, which is building its own Spider-Verse.

This is an exciting addition to Disney + due to the timing. As previously stated, the MCU is apparently heading towards its own Spider-Verse with the supposed inclusion of Maguire and Garfield in No way home. This is also supported by the fact that the post-credits scene for Poison: Let there be slaughter saw Venom being transported to what appeared to be the MCU. That could prove that Sony and Marvel Studios are setting up some kind of connected universe between the MCU and Sony. Spiderman cinematic universe. There is also the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) movie that establishes a multiverse of Spider-Men, which has a sequel that will arrive in 2022. With all this, it seems that Spiderman the fans are in luck.

Of course, this banner is also important because it allows web-head fans to see other shows or movies that they might have missed. It also allows different generations to revisit some of their favorite childhood shows or movies. Spiderman is one of the most iconic superheroes in history, so having a Spider-verse The section on Disney + dedicated to his long history in the media is fantastic.

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