Super Mario Bros. Movie Actor Reveals He Plays The Brothers’ Boss

adminAugust 13, 2021

Super Mario Bros. Movie Actor Reveals He Plays The Brothers’ Boss

In a recent podcast, Sebastian Maniscalco reveals that he plays Spike, Mario and Luigi’s boss, in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie.

Sebastián Maniscalco, one of the actors of the next Super Mario Bros. film, he has revealed that he will play Spike, whom he describes as the boss of the title’s characters. Maniscalco is known primarily for being a comedian, although this will not be the first time he has tackled a feature film. His biggest roles so far have been in Peter Farrelly. Green Book and Martin Scorsese’s The Irish. The new Super Mario The film will be fully animated, and Nintendo has partnered with Illumination, the studio behind it. Despicable me, Minions, Y The secret life of pets to bring classic video game characters to the big screen.

News about the next movie has been extremely rare. It looks like it’s still on track for a 2022 release, but Nintendo has yet to officially announce any information on the cast, including who will be playing Mario & Luigi. Mario’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, is on board as a producer, so it seems like Super Mario Bros. It’s at least starting from a stronger position than the critically-criticized 1993 live-action film of the same name, to which Nintendo took a hands-off approach.

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As recently reported in Nintendo Life, Sebastian Maniscalco revealed that he was playing Mario and Luigi’s boss Spike in the upcoming animated film. Super Mario Bros. movie. He was asked by podcast host Bert Kreischer what his plans were for the rest of the day, and Maniscalco responded with: “I’m in a movie, Super Mario Bros., an animated movie. So I’m playing, erm, Spike, his boss. So I’m going to do that at 12. “

New Super Mario Bros DS

In the 1984 game Wreckers, Mario and Luigi worked as part of a titular group. They had a large hammer and were tasked with destroying various objects in 100 levels of play, with a two-player mode finally created for players to compete. One of the enemies in the games was their “boss”, a character named Spike who slows down Mario and Luigi’s efforts by throwing various objects at them. Although Maniscalco did not confirm that the Spike he is playing on is based on WreckersForeman Spike, that seems very likely to be the case.

The casual manner of Maniscalco’s reveal could hint that his role is somewhat minimal in the film. But knowing that part of the new Super Mario Bros. The movie could be based on the old canon of video games that is sure to make many fans happy. With the 1993 movie, he took a lot of creative license with the Super Mario world and characters, which some fans felt hurt the overall story (although to be fair, it has become a cult classic for many other fans). The new animated movie seems ready to fix those mistakes, but fans won’t know for sure until the finished product is released.

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SOURCE: Nintendo Life

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