The Batman’s Andy Serkis Hints His Alfred Could Be An Ex-SAS Agent

adminMarch 18, 2021

The Batman’s Andy Serkis Hints His Alfred Could Be An Ex-SAS Agent

Batman’s Alfred Pennyworth, Andy Serkis, strongly hints that his iteration of the character will remain ex-SAS, just like in the comics.

The batman‘s Alfred Pennyworth, Andy Serkis, hints that his version of the character will remain ex-SAS. Matt reeves The batman It is perhaps one of the most anticipated DC films currently on the release schedule, and yet it has also suffered more than a few setbacks. Production started about a year ago, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was suspended at various points throughout the year. The batman filming just wrapped up yesterday and is currently scheduled for March 2022. This is where it is after being delayed twice from its original June 2021 date.

Starring Robert Pattinson as the titular hero, The batman promises to introduce a new version of the character and the people around him. In addition to starring as various members of Bruce Wayne’s rogues gallery, including the Penguin (Colin Farrell) and the Riddler (Paul Dano), The batman will feature a new take on his loyal butler / caretaker, Alfred. The Lord of the rings Y Planet of the Apes star Serkis will take on the iconic role this time around, and it looks like he will have some hidden depths.

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While talking to Comic movie about his new movie SAS: Red notice, Serkis was asked if his character George Clements in that movie has anything in common with his Alfred. Unsurprisingly, Serkis couldn’t fully confirm such a thing, but his answer certainly feels revealing. “I mean, if I get into some kind of discussion about it, someone will get me out, I’m sure“Serkis said first. With a laugh, then added:”Yeah I think there is probably some little crossover, yeah sure. I can’t tell you anything else. “

Comic book fans know that Alfred has a history as a spy, which was recently shown in live action form with the Epix series. Pinch. With so much going on in The batman It seems unlikely that Alfred’s past would receive much attention in the film. However, fans can perhaps look forward to some nods of knowledge about what the butler did before joining the Waynes. Also, there could always be room to explore Alfred’s SAS past in a future project. Has already been confirmed The batman will usher in a new Gotham universe, one that has already led to an HBO Max spin-off series centered on the Gotham City Police Department. There will be many opportunities in the future to explore this fascinating part of Alfred’s life.

While Serkis did not explicitly confirm his Alfred in The batman is ex-SAS, it seems likely that he has those ties This could improve his relationship with Bruce in a significant way, as Alfred uses his experience to help Bruce at this crucial moment. This is just another reason fans are looking forward to it. The batman, which looms as a compelling look at the myths of the caped crusaders, as well as those around him.

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