The Green Knight Posters Introduce Cast Of Characters For A24 Film

adminMay 8, 2021

The Green Knight Posters Introduce Cast Of Characters For A24 Film

The Green Knight unexpectedly drops some beautiful posters featuring the cast of characters from the A24 movie based on the famous Arthurian legend.

New posters for The green knight introduce the cast of characters from the highly anticipated film A24. Originally slated for a 2020 release, A24 had every opportunity to send the film straight to stream or video-on-demand, but the art studio was hoping for a theatrical release. The wait seems like it will be worth it when The green knight It will hit theaters this summer on July 30.

An epic fantasy adventure with a unique twist, The green knight is written and directed by David Lowery, a visionary filmmaker who has shown his immense variety in previous endeavors such as Disney’s Family Pete’s Dragon and the hauntingly existential and atmospheric drama, A ghost story, which he also did with A24. Lowery’s next project, The green knight, gets its title from the ubiquitous Arthurian legend Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, on which the movie is based. Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) plays Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s reckless nephew, who embarks on a quest to confront the Groot-like Green Knight, dealing with various obstacles along the way. The film also stars Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, and Erin Kellyman.

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Since a trailer for the film was released over a year ago, which was the last piece of promotional material for the A24 project, The green knight decided to unexpectedly release some beautiful posters featuring the cast of characters from the film. They include: the unlikely hero Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), the Green Knight himself (Ralph Ineson), Lady (Alicia Vikander), Lord (Joel Edgerton), a blindfolded woman, and a fox. The posters were captioned on Twitter, “Within a year, ”Referring to the deal Gawain and the Green Knight make in the Arthurian legend. Check out the new character posters below:

The Green Knight 2020 Poster

Based on the trailer for The green knight, it looks like it will be a welcome addition to the impressive A24 catalog. Its dark and foreboding tone recalls the work of Ari Aster, known for Hereditary Y Midsummer, or Robert Eggers, known for The witch Y The lighthouse, all the movies that A24 is behind.

Considering The green knight is a retelling of such a famous piece of folklore, coupled with the fact that it has been hanging around for so long waiting to be released, it is shaping up to be one of A24’s most anticipated films thus far. Those who appreciate the big screen experience should be delighted. The green knight it held out for a theatrical release this summer.

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