The Kissing Booth 3: Ending Explained

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The Kissing Booth 3: Ending Explained

Warning: Spoilers for The kissing booth 3

From Netflix The kissing booth 3‘sending wraps the Kissing booth trilogy, which reveals the fate of its main characters and their relationships, particularly Elle and Noah, mainly. The movie came out on Netflix in August 2021. and it takes place immediately after the events of the first sequel. It takes place during the summer after Elle, Lee, and Rachel graduate from high school, with Elle struggling to decide whether to attend Harvard with Noah Flynn, her boyfriend, or Berkeley with Lee Flynn, her best friend.

When the Flynns decide to sell the family beach house, the friends move into the house for the summer for one last hurray. While there, Elle decides to go to Harvard and tries to appease the offended Lee by completing a summer wish list they made as children. This, coupled with her summer job, her father’s new girlfriend, and Marco resurfacing to try and win her heart, leads to Elle feeling overwhelmed and her relationships strained.

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At the end of the summer, Noah and Elle broke up, Elle is fighting with Lee, and Lee and Rachel also end their relationship. Elle eventually changes her path and chooses to attend neither Berkeley nor Harvard, but USC for video game design. The kissing booth 3 returning stars to cast members Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, and Molly Ringwald.

Why Elle and Noah didn’t end up together in Kissing Booth 3’s main timeline

Elle and Noah’s relationship suffers all summer in The kissing booth 3. Elle’s bucket list activities with Lee take up most of her free time, and her decision to hang out with Marco makes Noah feel threatened and abandoned. After getting away from a fight with Marco at the beach house, Noah takes off on his motorcycle and disappears. When Elle later finds him at the Hollywood sign, the symbolic place where they first made love, he breaks up with her. They Kissing booth 2 relationship with Marco It contributed to the breakup with Noah, as did his busy schedule, but the main reason for the breakup is something else entirely. Noah says to Elle, “I don’t want to be one of the people who makes you last, ”Revealing that she knows Elle has been prioritizing others and is trying to give her a chance to focus on herself.

Kissing Booth 3 Time Jump: Elle and Noah Get Back Together?

Although the main timeline of The kissing booth 3 It ends with Elle and Noah breaking up, it is implied that their romance is not over. In the final scene of the film, which takes place six years after the central summer, the former lovers meet at the charity fair. Noah and Elle make intense eye contact in this scene, and they can’t seem to stop smiling. Noah graduated from Harvard And you’re choosing between law firms in New York and Los Angeles, which means you could end up living in the same city as Elle again. They make plans to hang out the next time he’s in town, and when Noah walks away, they both turn to look at each other with tears of excitement in their eyes. A soft love song plays in the background, adding to the romantic air of the scene. It’s clear that the couple still have a strong connection. Although their future as a couple is ultimately ambiguous, The kissing booth 3 It ends with Elle and Noah taking a motorcycle ride together, showing that their relationship remains the focal point of the series and implying that their relationship has been rekindled.

How Elle and Lee’s friendship survives despite its aftermath

Throughout the first and second Kissing booth films, Elle and Lee have fought but managed to remain friends, and the same happens in the third movie. Elle’s college decision hurts Lee’s feelings, as does her inability to perform in her final Dance Dance Revolution game, but the couple’s shared history and love for each other allows their friendship to survive the fight.

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Elle and Lee have known each other for many years and are linked by memories, which is an important theme in The kissing booth 3. Although rule number 19 (“You always went to the same school as your best friend“) separates friends, another rule brings them back together, which is rule number 18,”Always rejoice for the successes of your best friend.“Lee finally accepts Elle’s decision not to attend Harvard or Berkeley and celebrates your admission to USC. Also, during her fight with Lee, Elle acknowledges her friend’s financial privilege and authoritative attitude for the first time in the series, issues that have long come between them. Lee recognizes the flaws in her character, and Elle also puts her pride aside when she finally admits that she entered Berkeley. Their willingness to reflect on themselves and support each other allows Elle and Lee’s friendship to last through college and beyond.

Why Lee and Rachel Get Back Together

The final scene of The kissing booth 3 reveals that Lee and Rachel have reunited and are engaged, which is no surprise considering the reasons behind their breakup. Despite their conflicts in The kissing booth 2, Rachel and Lee were very happy together when they broke up. Rachel ended things with Lee because she didn’t want a long distance relationship, even though the couple still had feelings for each other. Being single when they left for school allowed Rachel and Lee to explore and develop separately before deciding if they were a good fit for each other in the long run. The kissing booth 3 It doesn’t specify exactly how the couple got together again, but Rachel tells Lee during their breakup that “maybe if we’re meant to be together we’ll find our way back to each other, ”Which Elle’s narration explains later is exactly what happened.

Why Noah & Lee’s parents aren’t selling the beach house

At the end of the film, Sara Flynn decides not to sell the beach house just as she is about to sign the final papers, a big hole in the plot. The kissing booth 3. The main factor in Sara’s decision appears to be the sentimental value of the house, shown throughout the film in flashbacks and symbols, such as the door on which the children had marked their heights. Elle presents Sara with a photograph of her, Noah, and Lee at the beach house, which matches one they had taken as children, apparently leading Sara to reconsider the sale. However, this doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Noah and Lee’s mother already knew about the memories the house kept when she decided to sell it. It’s also hard to believe that Sara would change her mind about selling the house after all the effort invested in fixing it, which is also a plot hole, as the house was destined to be demolished. In the end, the feeling and nostalgia got the better of Sara (and possibly the plot).

What the end of Kissing Booth 3 really means

The conclusion of The kissing booth 3 see Elle end up without Noah and Marco And he chooses neither Harvard nor Berkeley, but pursues his own personal goals. This element of the film highlights the autonomy of its protagonist and his ability to make his way in the world. Elle’s ongoing connection with Lee shows that true friendships stand the test of time and distance. Also, the reunification of Lee and Rachel, along with the possible reunification of Elle and Noah, shows that the main couples had to spend time apart to grow as individuals and then find their way back to each other. The fact that the school is still using the kissing booth in the final scene symbolizes the characters ‘enduring relationships and the long-lasting impact of the series’ events on their lives, while also indicating that there are future classes of teenagers whose lives they could also be affected. so affected by what happens in the kissing booth.

Why the ending of Kissing Booth 3 is so divisive

Fans of the Kissing booth subwayovies have expressed conflicting views on the end of The kissing booth 3, mainly because it breaks its central partner. Many believed that the romance between Elle and Noah was the most important part of the series and wanted the couple to stay together until the very end. Some viewers were also disappointed in the lack of romantic scenes between the two. However, others were happy to see Elle develop as a character and finally put herself first. Regardless of the reactions, The kissing booth 3 He walked away from his hot teen romantic roots for a reason: to convey a message of self-reliance and growth and the importance of following your dreams.

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