The Last Manhunt Photos Reveal Jason Momoa in 20th Century Western

adminNovember 2, 2021

The Last Manhunt Photos Reveal Jason Momoa in 20th Century Western

New photos from The Last Manhunt show Jason Momoa as an early 20th century character alongside a large cast of Native Americans for his next film.

First photos of the next movie The last manhunt show jason momoa at 20th character of the century. The film is adapted from the oral history of the Chemehuevi tribe of Joshua Tree, California. It is set in the dying west of 1909 and follows Willie Boy and his lover Carlota, who must flee after Willie Boy accidentally shoots Carlota’s father. The couple’s escape leads to a “manhunt” through the desert, led by a sheriff and two Native American trackers determined to find justice for their fallen tribal leader. This story was first adapted into the 1969 film. Tell them Willie Boy is here.

Deadline has released the first photos of the film, with Aquaman and Dune star Jason Momoa as a character known as Big Jim. In addition to a casting credit, Momoa is also a co-writer and executive producer on the film, as it was his experience with the Chemehuevi tribe that inspired the adaptation. The first images also show the large Native American cast, which includes Martin Sensmeier (The Magnificent Seven, Westworld) as Willie Boy, Mainei Kinimaka (Watch) as Carlota, Zahn McClarnon (Reserve dogs) as Carlota’s father, Lily Gladstone (Certain women, billions) like Carlota’s mother, and more. Christian Camargo directs the film and also plays Sheriff Frank Wilson. Check out more of the images below:

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Production of the film included permission and consultation from Chemehuevi tribal officials to maintain fidelity to the beloved story. The consultations included Dr. Cliff Traftzer, a California desert tribal scholar, and Matt Leivas, who is a guardian of the sacred songs of the Chemehuevi salt. Levias also sang the songs and helped with the language in the film. The production team of The last manhuntincluding Momoa set out to present a film respectful of the represented culture amid a growing interest in indigenous narratives, which is an encouraging starting point. Hopefully the movie remains true to the story first told by the Chemehuevi tribe.

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Source: Deadline

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