The Raid Star Says Mortal Kombat Was Physically Harder to Shoot [EXCLUSIVE]

adminApril 9, 2021

The Raid Star Says Mortal Kombat Was Physically Harder to Shoot [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: Ahead of the 2021 Mortal Kombat release, Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim reveals why it was even more physically demanding to film than The Raid.

Actor Joe Taslim has compared his experience in The raid with the work that was done in the next Mortal Kombat movie, considering that the latter is more physically demanding. Written and directed by Gareth Evans, the Indonesian action thriller premiered in 2011. Critically acclaimed, the film spawned a sequel in 2015. Its impressive action was also emulated in a variety of movies and television shows. Those including Netflix comparatively worse Extraction movie. On The raidTaslim played Sergeant SWAT Jaka, one of the central leads. As such, he contributed to some of the most enjoyable fights in the movie.

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After various other roles, Taslim then brought those abilities to Mortal Kombat and the most villainous Sub-Zero. Based on the video games of the same name, the adaptation was directed by Simon McQuoid. While still focusing on the titular and mythical tournament, the script by Dave Callaham and Greg Russo promised to delve into the mythology of the various worlds and their characters. Among them were such familiar figures as Ludi Lin’s Liu Kang and mysterious newcomers like Lewis Tan’s Cole Young. In his murderous pursuit of Cole, however, Sub-Zero will serve as a catalyst for the plot. Also, the conflict between Sub-Zero and Scorpion has been described as the heart of the film.

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Speaking exclusively to Screen Rant, Taslim talked about his work on both outings. Asked how Mortal Kombat reboot compared to other highly physical assemblies like those of The raidHe claimed that the former was actually the most demanding. That revelation will likely come as a surprise to many, given the uninterrupted nature of The raidaction of. However, Taslim offered a very specific and understandable reason for his response. Check out his full comment below:

I have to say that Mortal Kombat is physically more difficult. Because I have 10 or maybe 12 kilos attached to my body, and then I just need to move fast in terms of doing it. I think Mortal Kombat is more difficult because I have almost like a child on my back, and I have to run and move. But I think the energy is the same. “

Since the release of the long-awaited trailer, the discussion about Mortal KombatFight scenes have been unleashed. Pushing the film’s R rating to the limit, they have been praised alike for their fidelity and brutality. However, not content with the mere show, producer Todd Garner expressed that each battle was specifically designed around each character. During the conversation, Taslim expanded on that notion. In addition to proudly wielding Sub-Zero’s famous ice sword, the actor tried to incorporate rhythms from the story into every move, only compounding the energy he poured into the role.

In energy, from one movie to another. I always try to give a story in my fights. I don’t like to just throw punches and kicks, but even the pain itself must be a story. People need to feel what he feels; people need to feel that they are going to die, or that they are thinking that they are going to die. Those layers are important to me. It is not just fight, fight, win or die. Between that, people need to believe that they are confident or that they are breaking down and falling apart. Or, “I think you just saw the end of the line.” That story should be there in The Raid and Mortal Kombat. I hope people digest it too. “

How well received those efforts are will be made clear when the film is released. Based on trailers and Mortal KombatIn the 13-minute opening prologue, however, reception has already been substantially positive. As such, it is understandable that McQuoid and various actors, including Taslim, have already begun to look forward to sequels and spin-offs. Whether those actually come true or not, that hope was evidence that, as exhausting as the work was, it was equally rewarding. Fortunately, fans will only have to wait a few more weeks for Mortal Kombat – and witness the fruits of Taslim’s (and others’) labor for themselves.

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  • Mortal Kombat (2021)Release Date: April 23, 2021


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