The Rock’s Netflix Movie Delivers A DC Actor Team-up The DCEU Can’t

adminSeptember 7, 2021

The Rock’s Netflix Movie Delivers A DC Actor Team-up The DCEU Can’t

The Rock’s new Netflix movie Red Notice offers the DC crew the DCEU can’t by bringing together Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds.

The next Netflix movie Red notice offers a team of DC actors that the DC Extended Universe can’t unite with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. Red notice is an original action blockbuster that will be released to the streaming service in late 2021. The first Red notice The trailer shows the sheer scale and action, but it’s also clearly selling audiences the promise of seeing three of the world’s biggest movie stars together.

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot have all had different paths to fame, but each of them has a connection to DC in some way. Ryan Reynolds is the furthest, as he starred in 2011. Green Lantern like Hal Jordan. But, his time in the CGI green suit was cut short due to the reception of the film. Gal Gadot joined the DCEU in 2016 with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and has become one of the pillars of the universe after appearing in three more films. Dwayne Johnson’s journey into the DCEU has yet to begin, as he has been associated to play the antihero, Black Adam, for several years. It will make its long-awaited debut in 2022 Black adam, but fans don’t have to wait that long to see him on screen with other DC actors.

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The Rock and Netflix teamed up to create Red notice, which is expected to be one of the biggest movies on the streaming service so far. The idea of ​​Johnson, Reynolds and Gadot sharing the screen is sure to get a lot of attention. The trio represents three different eras for DC movies in a short span of time, with Reynolds in the past, Gadot in the present, and Johnson in the future. Unfortunately for the DCEU, it cannot replicate this team. Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Johnson’s Black Adam have a future in the shared universe, but Reynolds’s days as Green Lantern are certainly behind us. Instead of the DCEU managing to reunite these actors on screen for the first time, it will be Red notice who receives credit for the team.

Wonder Woman Black Adam Crossover Gal Gadot Dwayne Johnson

The fact that the DCEU can’t unite Wonder Woman, Black Adam, and Green Lantern is a missed opportunity, but it goes back to Warner Bros. ‘The vision of their DC movies has constantly changed over the last decade. Although this full team might not happen in the future, the DCEU may gather two-thirds of Red noticeit is released yet. Black Adam and Wonder Woman will play a role in the future of the DCEU, so a crossover is possible. Gadot could make a cameo Black adam or Johnson could do the same in Wonder woman 3 potentially. However, if Wonder Woman and Black Adam team up, Reynolds’ Green Lantern won’t be a part of it.

Some DC fans may be disappointed that Black Adam, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman aren’t sharing the screen, but at least Red notice can make that possible. The chemistry between Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds is evident in the first looks at the film. That alone could fuel the desire of many to see the trio together in a DC movie. Red notice she’s doing her best to fulfill her DC team, especially with the role of Gadot mirroring that of Wonder Woman. Batman v superman plot.

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  • Red Notice (2021)Release Date: Nov 12, 2021

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