The Suicide Squad Has Two Character Deaths That Make James Gunn Cry

adminJuly 21, 2021

The Suicide Squad Has Two Character Deaths That Make James Gunn Cry

After saying that almost every character in The Suicide Squad is killed, writer-director James Gunn says that two deaths in particular bring a tear to his eyes.

Suicide squad features two character deaths that bring writer / director James Gunn to tears. Following Gunn’s brief departure from Disney after a series of controversial tweets were unearthed, Warner Bros. quickly swooped in to hire the director in demand, giving him carte blanche to work with any DC property of his choice. Gunn decided on an exciting project, that is Suicide squad, a film about the team of DC supervillains who go on high-stakes black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences, despite David Ayer’s divisive take that was released just a few years earlier.

Gunn’s version of the Suicide Squad won’t address his predecessor in any substantial way, but it will return some characters in Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and Captain Boomerang (Jai). Courtney). It will also introduce some new faces to the team in Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, John Cena’s Peacemaker, Sylvester Stallone’s King Shark, Michael Rooker’s Savant, David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man, Peter Capaldi’s Thinker, and Nathan Fillion as Arm-Fall-Off. -Boy.

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Even before Gunn started filming Suicide squad, the filmmaker was quick to remind audiences not to get too attached to any one character given the nature of the title team. Now, at a recent press event, Gunn talked about how he decided which characters to kill and revealed that there are two specific deaths in the movie that pull his heart and even make him shed a few tears. Read the full quote from Gunn, by Comic book below:

Some of the characters, especially as you progress through the movie and some of the deaths later in the movie, still break my heart every time I see them. There are two characters in particular that when they die, my eyes still fill with tears every time I watch the movie, even when I watch those edited scenes, when I was playing them. It still really kills me.

Gunn’s remake of Task Force X will find himself in the jungles of the South American island, Corto Maltese, in search of a Nazi-era prison laboratory before his mission is altered by a giant telepathic starfish known as Starro. . Since Gunn has said “almost every“The characters of Suicide squad will die, it is difficult to speculate which two deaths he could be referring to. Given that Warner Bros. wanted Margot Robbie in the movie and are likely interested in featuring her in future DCEU installments, it’s a safe bet that Harley Quinn will make it out alive.

The most popular fan theory suggests that there will be two separate waves of Task Force X, the first of which has been dubbed the Red Team and will launch onto the island by helicopter. This team includes Javelin (Flula Borg), Mongal (Mayling Ng) and Blackguard (Pete Davidson) and they are expected to die quite early, given that they have not appeared much during the film’s marketing campaign. These are unlikely to be the heartwarming deaths Gunn is referring to, considering he says they happen later in the movie, but it will all be revealed soon enough when Suicide squad releases on August 6.

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