Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse Ending & Sequel Setup Explained

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Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse Ending & Sequel Setup Explained

Warning: SPOILERS for Tom Clancy’s no regrets.

Tom Clancy’s no regrets It ends with Navy SEAL Senior Chief John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) discovering exactly who is behind an international conspiracy to start a war between the United States and Russia. As a result, John Kelly “died” and assumed the new identity of John Clark, as he became a rogue Central Intelligence Agency operative. Directed by Stefano Sollima, No regrets is based on the 1993 Tom Clancy novel, but the film is a reboot and John Kelly / Clark origin story set in the Jack Ryan cinematic universe.

The third act of No regrets is an ultraviolent shooting in Murmansk, Russia, where John Kelly’s target Victor Rykov (Brett Gelman) revealed that they were both being used as pawns in the conspiracy that originated in Washington D.C. Rykov committed suicide as planned, forcing him to Kelly and her team, including Lieutenant Commander Karen Greer (Jodie Turner-Smith), to engage Russian police in a shooting. Kelly was able to cause a distraction that allowed Greer and his extraction team to escape, and the injured John had to fight his way out of the apartment building to reach the rendezvous point. After everyone got out safely, Kelly realized that CIA agent Robert Ritter (Jamie Bell), whom she suspected throughout the film, was not her enemy after all. Ritter then put together a cover story that Kelly died in Russia so John could return to DC and confront the real mastermind behind the plot: Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay (Guy Pearce).

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While bearing the Tom Clancy / Jack Ryan pedigree of geopolitics and international intrigue, No regrets it is much more focused on wildly violent actions. The plot of the film takes a back seat to the shootings and punches in which John Kelly endures (and dispenses) an inhuman amount of punishment in his search for the truth. As a result, most of No regretsThe conspiracy is explained by the characters to each other towards the end of the film, and while the plot is not complex or fully developed, it has intriguing ideas that cleverly explain why John Kelly decides to become a “ghost” and a rogue operative named John Clark.

Secretary Clay wanted to start a war between the United States and Russia

Guy Pearce stars in No Regrets

Secretary Clay orchestrated all the tragic events in No regrets. Clay influenced the CIA to help him escalate tensions between the United States and Russia, in hopes of starting a war. It is unclear if Clay would have been satisfied with another Cold War or if he would have wanted an actual military conflict between the two superpowers, but he was firm in his belief that the United States and its people need an equally powerful enemy. “that can threaten your freedoms”. Clay’s reasoning that the current political climate makes half the country see the other half as the enemy is a direct social commentary on real-world tensions in the US, and the secretary insisted that the solution is turning the clock back decades to when the US united against the Russians (which was then the Soviet Union).

At the beginning of No regretsJohn Kelly’s SEAL team was created by the CIA in Syria when Ritter lied to them as enemy fighters during his extraction mission. Kelly and Greer were told that they were fighting the Syrians, not the Russians, but it was all part of a larger plot. The attack on the Russians in Syria sparked a response, which was that the Russians led by Victor Rykov killed teammates Kelly Rowdy (Luke Mitchell) and Webb (Cam Gigandet), plus Kelly was attacked at his home, which resulted in the murder of his pregnant wife. Pam (Lauren London). This sent Kelly on a bloody mission of revenge where he discovered that the only murderer to escape his home was Victor Rykov. However, Rykov revealed when Kelly tracked him down in Murmansk that he was actually a CIA agent, so the attack on Kelly’s team and family was part of the CIA operation ordered by Secretary Clay.

How Victor Rykov Was Part of Secretary Clay’s Plan and John Kelly’s Revenge

Jodie Turner-Smith and Michael B. Jordan in No Regrets

The goal of luring Kelly to Murmansk with Rykov as bait was to set up an international incident in which American soldiers staged an attack on Russian soil, further fanning the flames of Clay’s planned war between the United States and Russia. Even before Kelly and his team reached Murmansk, Clay had the CIA warn the Russians that the plane posing as a commercial flight carrying Kelly was on its way so the Russians could shoot it down. When Kelly and his team survived, the next stage was Rykov luring them into the apartment and then killed himself with a suicide vest, prompting a response from the Russian police. But what Clay didn’t count on was Kelly and his entire team surviving, as well as Ritter rebuilding the Secretary’s plan and helping Kelly.

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Ritter gave Kelly a duffel bag full of money and his and Greer’s official report stated that John was killed in action in Murmansk. Now what is a “ghost”Kelly returned to Washington DC and kidnapped Secretary Clay to force a confession, which he secretly recorded. Kelly then drove his SUV into the Potomac River for Clay to drown while Greer rescued John. At Kelly’s “funeral”, Clay “acts of treason “ They were publicly revealed, so John Kelly managed to prevent Clay’s war between America and Russia.

John Kelly is “dead” and became John Clark

John Clark with no regrets

At the end of No regretsLieutenant Commander Greer gave John his new fake CIA-issued ID and the Agency gave him the uncreative name John Clark. Officially, John Kelly died in Murmansk and had a state funeral. John Clark is now a CIA black ops agent operating without official capacity. But with no family, this is the future Clark chose because it means he can go to work to stop more schemes from men in power like Secretary Clay. When Kelly and Clay were at the bottom of the Potomac, John had a dream in which he said goodbye to Pam and his old life forever.

John Kelly was a patriot who believed in the contract he signed when he joined the Navy where he promised to defend his country. The events of No regrets broke John’s faith in America, which used him as a pawn. When he was hunting Victor Rykov, he believed that the Russian was a powerful member of the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service and successor to the KGB). Kelly was surprised to learn that Rykov was also from the CIA and that they were both pawns. John imagined himself “a pawn hunting a king” when hunting Rykov, but with the help of Ritter and Greer, Kelly realized that “King” He should have been hunting the whole time. It was Secretary Clay.

The role of Robert Ritter and how he became director of the CIA

No regrets Jamie Bell

No regrets blatantly used Robert Ritter as a red herring. Since he was keeping secrets from John Kelly, who did not trust Ritter, the audience must also suspect that Ritter was the big bad pulling the strings. But while Ritter is deceptive and manipulative, he was also aware of the murky events that were taking place between the CIA and the Department of Defense headed by Secretary Clay, but he kept quiet until he could gather enough information. Ritter also intended to move up in the CIA and knew how to manipulate events to secure his own promotion to the top spot in the Agency.

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Ritter did not get on the plane to Russia with Kelly, Greer and their extraction team because he knew the CIA arranged for him to be shot down. Ritter traveled separately to Russia and recruited paid agents to find Rykov, as he expected Kelly’s team to be dead. When Kelly appeared and accused Ritter of being a traitor, the CIA agent realized that there was something else and Rykov was not the real target of the operation. After Kelly’s extraction team survived the shooting with Russian police, Ritter realized who the good guys really were and confirmed that Clay was behind it all. Ritter organized the transportation back to the United States and also presented the story that John Kelly died in Russia in order to obtain Clay’s confession. Ritter then took advantage of Clay’s recording to “in favor”: His own promotion to Director of the CIA.

How Without Regret Creates Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six with no regrets

No regretsThe middle credits scene takes place a year later. John Clark meets Ritter on the Washington Memorial grounds and congratulates him on his promotion to Director of the CIA. Clark then revealed that he had been thinking about the events of the previous year and John came up with his new idea to prevent what Clay did from happening again: “A multinational counterterrorism team made up of hand-selected US, UK and NATO personnel, with the full support of national intelligence services.” Clark intends to lead this new team that Rainbow appointed to “personal” reasons, and announced his intention to present this plan to the president, while tacitly asking Ritter for the CIA’s backing.

This stinger is a direct setup for No regretssequel to Rainbow six. Producer Akiva Goldsman’s plan was to produce two John Clark films so that No regrets taken to Rainbow sixand Michael B. Jordan signed to star in both. Jamie Bell and Jodie Turner-Smith are likely to repeat their No regrets roles as Robert Ritter and Lieutenant Commander Greer in Rainbow six. But Given the team Clark proposed, Tom Clancy fans can also look forward to a whole new international group of special operatives backing John Clark in. Rainbow six.

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