Tom Felton Was Terrified Of Alan Rickman When Filming Harry Potter

adminMarch 11, 2021

Tom Felton Was Terrified Of Alan Rickman When Filming Harry Potter

During a Harry Potter watching party, Tom Felton talks about his relationship with Alan Rickman, calling him “scary in the nicest way.”

Tom Felton has only kind things to say about the late Alan Rickman, although he was terrified of him during filming. Harry Potter. The media franchise featuring the boy wizard remains a big part of the pop culture conversation, despite the release of the final book in 2007 and the last film in 2011. The Fantastic beasts and where to find them The spinoff series has kept audiences engaged, with its third film slated for release in 2022. There has also been talk of other projects set in the Harry Potter world, including a television show that was reportedly in development for HBO Max in January 2021. Although HBO later downplayed the reports, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar has said “there is a lot of fun and potential” at Harry Potter franchise.

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Felton has also played an important role in keeping the series alive. She often shares photos related to the movies and answers questions from fans about them on social media. Felton has also discussed the possibility of a Harry Potter reboot, putting his hat in the ring to play his character, Draco’s father, Lucius. Most recently, the actor has shared videos of him rewatching the movies, sharing behind-the-scenes gossip at all times. Felton even revealed his grandfather’s secret cameo in Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where he appeared as a teacher during a Quidditch match.

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Now, Felton teamed up with Peacock for Harry Potter watch the party on TikTok. During it, he answered questions from viewers. One person asked him what it was like to work with Rickman, who passed away in 2016. Felton said:

Scary. He was the only actor I knew and he was terrifying in the most agreeable way. But very, very kind. Perverse sense of humor. I met him when I was 12, so it took me a few years for me to have the courage to say more than “hello” … a privilege, a true privilege.

Snape teaching Draco

Felton’s comments echo what he and others Harry Potter stars have said about Rickman in the past. They paint a picture of an actor who seemed intimidating due to his impressive career, but was ultimately extremely kind, as Felton puts it. It seems that the early ages of most Harry Potter The cast, as well as Rickman’s role as the towering Professor Snape, took into account how Felton and others perceived him, at least initially. Fortunately, as Felton alludes to, the cast got to know Rickman better when they were working on the last Harry Potter movies and didn’t find it so intimidating.

After Rickman’s death, his Harry Potter the co-stars only had warm words about him, and from Felton’s comments it’s clear why that was the case. It seems like it was a pleasure working with him on set despite his iconic status in the film industry. It’s clear that Rickman made a positive impression on his colleagues throughout his long career, including Felton.

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