Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Star Addresses Possible Sequel Movie

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Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Star Addresses Possible Sequel Movie

Katrina Bowden, star of Eli Craig Tucker & Dale’s much-loved 2010 horror comedy vs. Evil says she would be “very pleased” with a possible sequel.

Katrina Bowden, star of Eli Craig’s Tucker and Dale against evil, talks about the possibility of a sequel to the much-loved comedy horror film. TO parody of the genre “hillbilly horror”, which includes movies like The Hills Have Eyes Y The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tucker and Dale against evil was written by Craig and Morgan Jurgenson and was released in 2010. Despite making modest profits at the box office, Tucker and Dale against evil It has remained very popular with fans for the past decade and is now considered something of a cult classic.

Like many other horror movies, Tucker and Dale against evil It starts with a group of college kids embarking on a camping trip in the woods, but that’s where the similarities end. On the way to the woods, the college kids meet Tucker and Dale (Alan Tudyk and Tyler labine), two socially awkward peasants who also head into the woods to fix their ramshackle cabin. In a play about the ancient “hillbilly horror” movie conventions, a series of misunderstandings (along with their own biases) lead college students to believe that the well-meaning and harmless Tucker and Dale are indeed violent and dangerous. When they mistakenly think that the two men have kidnapped one of their own (Allison, played by Bowden), they attempt to rescue her with ridiculous and bloody results.

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Since the film’s initial release, fans have speculated about the possibility of a sequel to Tucker and Dale against evil, and there have been rumors for years that one was in the works. In a new interview with ComicBook, Bowden weighs the possibility. Bowden, who recently appeared in martial arts drama Born champion, reveals that while he currently has no news to share about a potential Tucker and Dale sequel, and not sure what one would look like, she “would Very pleased” if it happened. Read their comments below:

“It was definitely talked about, especially when it first came out, which was quite a long time ago. Now, at this point, I mean, I don’t have any news. Do I think it could happen? It could, but it’s been a long time. It would have to. be something like, fast forward 15 years and where are the characters now, and, I’ll also say, it would be great to follow up on that movie, but there’s something really good about not messing with something that turned out so good.

So I’d be really happy if we did something, like a sequel of some kind. But I would be equally pleased if the film lives in all its glory as it was. And, as for Allison, I mean, I don’t know. I’d like to believe that she and Dale lived, maybe, happily ever after with some things that went wrong, but I’d like to think they were still together. “

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

Bowden goes on to discuss other types of horror movies he might be interested in making, referencing creepy, intense and exciting terror “ What Midsummer Y Salt, as well as “A reboot of one of those [big horror] franchises “ What Friday the 13th. Looks like he’s already crossed off the survival horror genre from his list, as it will be seen on screen next time at Great white, about a group of tourists stranded in dangerous waters.

Based on Bowden’s comments, there are currently no plans in the works for a Tucker and Dale against evil sequel movie, but that doesn’t mean there’s no future for misunderstood friends. Although the cast and crew have moved on to other projects, Craig is reported to be directing a horror romantic comedy. The hills have eyes for you for Netflix and the new Tudyk series Alien resident it was recently renewed for a second season; Tudyk and Labine’s previous comments have indicated that the story may continue in some form. Of course, Bowden may be correct in suggesting that it is better for Tucker and Dale against evil to stay “In all its glory”. If fans don’t respond so positively to a sequel, whatever form it takes, it could tarnish the legacy of the original, and the last thing Tucker and Dale need is for their reputation to be slandered again.

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