Universal Movies Could Soon Be Removed From HBO Max & Netflix

adminApril 6, 2021

Universal Movies Could Soon Be Removed From HBO Max & Netflix

NBCUniversal could be looking to remove its biggest franchise movies from HBO Max and Netflix to increase Peacock’s subscriber count.

Universal you might be looking to remove your movies from HBO Max and Netflix to boost your streaming service, Peacock. Universal is home to some of the largest franchises in the industry, including Fast and Furious, Jurassic Park, and Despicable me to name a few. They are one of the largest studios making movies today; however, all of these films are currently contracted to other streaming services that Universal does not have.

Peacock has been unable to be competitive against other streaming giants like Netflix and Disney +. In January, the company had announced that Peacock had reached 33 million subscriptions since the service launched last April. That sounds impressive until you discover that based on third-party data, around ninety percent of users only use the free tier. Another report from February suggested that only about 11.3 million households use the streaming service on a regular basis. Universal never confirmed those numbers, but it also didn’t confirm the number of active paid subscribers they have.

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One problem Peacock may be facing right now is that most of his biggest movies currently live on competing streaming services like HBO Max and Netflix. However, the contracts that keep this in place will expire this year. Now, Bloomberg reports that Universal is considering terminating those contracts to bring their content to Peacock.

The Office on Peacock design

This would be a huge win for the streaming service, infusing the platform with some necessary franchise fees and great IP to attract more paying subscribers. If this happened, it probably wouldn’t affect HBO Max much. They already have a huge library of cutting edge movies and are even releasing some of their biggest Warner Bros. movies simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. However, this could affect Netflix much more. As more and more studios develop their own streaming services, more and more major titles are pulling out of Netflix. This is a problem for them, as the most viewed content on Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčtheir licensed material. If all of that goes away, will people be left to just Netflix originals?

The reason NBCUniversal is probably even considering doing this in the first place is because streaming is definitely the future of the industry. Even after the pandemic ends, habits have formed as people got used to looking at things at home. allL’s parent company, Comcast, is also feeling the pressure of the cable cut, which isn’t likely to ease anytime soon. The company needs Peacock to be successful, and bringing some of your biggest franchise movies to the service could be one way to do just that.

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Source: Bloomberg

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