VFX Artists Use AI To Hilariously Turn Famous Cartoons Into Real People

adminSeptember 3, 2021

VFX Artists Use AI To Hilariously Turn Famous Cartoons Into Real People

The Corridor Crew, a team of visual effects artists, show viewers what some of their favorite CGI characters would look like if they were found in the real world.

Various visual effects artists have used their talent and artificial intelligence to recreate how famous cartoons would look like real people. Animation has been a staple of entertainment since it wowed audiences in the early 1920s.th century. Walt Disney took advantage of the new form of theatrical entertainment and helped increase popularity when he combined sound and animation in the first Mickey Mouse movie. Steamboat willie.

Today, cartoons have become the cornerstone of television shows and movies. They are so ingrained in pop culture that channels like Cartoon Network have been created that are entirely dedicated to art style and even to theme parks like Disney World. Show how The Flintstones, The Simpsons, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Arthur they have spanned generations. The affection for animation has not changed over the years, but the technology behind it and innovative art styles continue to evolve, bringing a wide variety of cartoons to screens around the world.

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Cartoons have become part of modern culture and thanks to new advancements in technology, enthusiasts can now see what they would look like in real life. The runner’s crew, a group of visual effects artists on YouTube, transformed popular CGI and animated characters into realistic portraits of what their human counterparts would look like. Look below to see the results of the AI ​​conversion:

Members of The Corridor Crew took the opportunity to play a guessing game about which cartoon the AI-generated image is supposed to represent. The technology was used to analyze everything from historic sculptures to current Disney blockbusters. Thousands of data forms were used to examine faces and recreate them with proportions of an average person. Like Mr. Incredible, not all of the characters had facial features realistic enough to be recognized by the AI. The software used is similar to Snapchat filtering programs or games where users can modify the physical appearance of the avatar.

The results are a mix of funny and scary images that are entertaining to watch. Some of the characters easily morphed into human faces, while others, like Pixar’s Woody Toy story, it took a little more work to give life. While it’s fun to see what these fictional characters would look like in reality, the final AI product proves that some things are best left behind.

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Source: The runner’s crew

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