Watch The Batman Trailer Recreated In 2D Animation

adminApril 17, 2021

Watch The Batman Trailer Recreated In 2D Animation

The DC FanDome trailer for Batman is meticulously recreated in animation reminiscent of some of the classic Dark Knight cartoons.

The batman The teaser is meticulously recreated in 2D animation in a new video. Starring Robert Pattinson, The batman is slated to bring The Dark Knight to the big screen when it hits theaters in 2022. Originally conceived as a standalone feature for Ben Affleck’s The Dark Knight in the DCEU, director Matt Reeves took over and cast Pattinson when Affleck left the project. Because of this, The batman will take place on Earth-2, separate from the DCEU’s timeline and main events, but still seemingly separate from it.

Besides Pattinson, The batman has a formidable cast that plays some iconic characters from the Caped Crusader past. Zoe Kravitz will play Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, with Paul Dano as The Riddler, Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, and Colin Ferrell as Penguin. The film is scheduled for release in March 2022, nearly a year after its original planned release date of June 2021. Prior to the film’s release, DC previewed the film on FanDome in 2020, giving fans a glimpse of what was to come.

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Although the film has subsequently been delayed several times, The batmanThe trailer is remembered for being a surprise addition to the FanDome lineup and since no new material has come out of the film, TheArt91Lee recreated everything in 2D animation. The trailer is a take-by-shot recreation of the original trailer with the audio on top and recalls some of the classic Dark Knight animated series that have preceded it. Check out the full clip below:

The batman completed filming in March, more than a year after production originally began in January 2020. The studio has nearly a year to put the final touches on the film, raising skyrocketing expectations for the next iteration of one. of the most iconic comic book characters of all. hour. When the film finally hits theaters, fans will have had plenty of time to imagine what awaits them, but some are already clamoring for another version of the character, one that may or may not return.

When Affleck left the DCEU, many were disappointed that the actor and director didn’t put their stamp on a solo version of Bruce Wayne. Fans have started campaigning for Affleck to finish his original Batman plans, but it looks like the ship may have set sail. Affleck is set to appear in The flash, but that will probably be his last appearance as a character. Pattinson will have to prove himself as a suitable replacement when The batman It opens in 2022, but if these first glimpses of the film are any indication, it’s more than capable of handling the meaty role.

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