What Henry Cavill Could Look Like Highlander’s Connor MacLeod

adminMay 23, 2021

What Henry Cavill Could Look Like Highlander’s Connor MacLeod

Artist Bosslogic imagines what The Witcher’s Henry Cavill would look like as Connor MacLeod if he were cast for the upcoming Highlander reboot.

New fan art imagine what The Wizard Henry Cavill could be seen as Connor MacLeod in the next Highlander restart. Released in 1986, the original Highlander is a fantasy adventure film that followed the story of an immortal race of warriors throughout the centuries, who were destined to fight until the last ones met at the Gathering and fought for the Prize. Starring Christopher Lambert as the main character Connor MacLeod, a 16th century Scottish highlander, and Sean Connery as his mentor Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez, the film would spawn several sequels of varying quality, two live-action spinoff series, one animated series and an animated movie.

In March 2008, Summit Entertainment, owned by Lionsgate, announced that it had purchased the film rights to the Highlander franchise and were planning a new restart of the property. After going through several other potential directors, including Fasting and Furious‘Justin Lin, it would take another 8 years before John wick Co-Director Chad Stahelski was chosen to lead the project. Recently, it was reported that Man of Steel and The WizardCavill was in final negotiations to tackle one of the two main roles in the film.

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In response to this latest news, a prolific fan artist Bosslogic has taken to Instagram and posted his thoughts on what Cavill might look like as Connor MacLeod. Wielding a Scottish Claymore, the traditional sword of Scottish clansmen, Cavill constantly resembles the immortal warrior Connor MacLeod. Check out the original post below:

Despite the poor reception of the sequels, the original Highlander it remains a beloved property in the pop culture landscape. Blending classic fantasy tropes with high-action sword fighting, the 1986 opening film is an enduring classic that is further enhanced by the incredible soundtrack provided by rock legends Queen. It’s still unclear if Cavill will play the same character that Lambert first made famous. However, he has the acting skills to do the role justice and his expertise in swordsmanship in The Wizard it will also serve you well if it is thrown. If the social media buzz surrounding the news of his casting is any measure, the fandom seems more than willing to welcome him to the role.

After slowly boiling down the development line for 13 years, this latest announcement of Cavill’s involvement is a good indication that long-gestating plans for a Highlander reboot are finally preparing to go into active production. Over the years, various names have been rumored to be attached to the project, including long-running whispers that Tom Cruise was spotted tackling the role of Sean Connery as Ramirez, but no news about the project has been as well received. like the Cavill reports. recent casting. However, until filming officially begins and fans finally see him sword in hand at the Encounter, Cavill still has a lot more on his plate for the foreseeable future, including The Wizard season 2 and the recently announced sequel to Enola Holmes.

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Fountain: Bosslogic

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