Why American Pie Is So Important In Black Widow

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Why American Pie Is So Important In Black Widow

Black Widow’s repeated use of Don McLean’s “American Pie” in his soundtrack provides a deeper meaning for Natasha and her surrogate family.

Warning: this article contains Black widow spoilers.

Black widow explains Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow’s origin before the Avengers, including an initial flashback to her brief childhood in America with Don McLean’s song “American Pie” as a meaningful score. The charge-Avengers: Endgame Marvel’s release picks up on the MCU timeline during Captain America: Civil War with Natasha on the run. She ends up in Budapest, where she meets her former adoptive sister Yelena, who until recently had been an active killer of the Black Widow. The two plan to destroy the Red Room that corrupted their own lives, enlisting the help of their surrogate parents Alexei (aka The Red Guardian), who is being held in a Russian prison, and Melina, a former Black Widow who works as an architect for Dreykov. At the end of Black widow, Natasha is putting on her blonde bob haircut seen on Avengers: infinity war, ready to get her fellow Avengers out of prison.

“American Pie” is played for the first time after Alexei and Melina inform Natasha and Yelena that they are embarking on an adventure, which happens to signify the “family” fleeing the United States to their Union homeland. Soviet. As they hurry away, Natasha’s sister Yelena asks for “your song, ”Featuring a cassette of Don McLean’s 1971 classic“ American Pie ”. As“ American Pie ”records the last vestiges of the fake family from his seemingly normal 3-year life in Ohio, Black widow shows a neighborhood of kids playing outside and a high school football game on Friday night, the quintessential American image of a small town. The song reappears after the family reunites in Russia and discusses whether their time together was real or not. When Alexei, who is also clinging to their family connection, goes to comfort Yelena, the two begin singing “American Pie” as proof that they care and remember.

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Don McLean revealed after its initial popularity that “American Pie” is about the demise of the American Dream, citing the death of Buddy Holly as a catalyst for the end of the optimistic and colorful American life. As the family drives away from their Ohio home to the soundtrack of “American Pie,” the song that is Black widow indicates the death of Yelena and Natasha’s own American dreams. The meaning of the American Dream is important to Yelena’s happiness and motivation, exemplified by when she informs Natasha that she pretends that her family lives in Ohio and that her sister (referring to Natasha) moved west to live with a husband and son. fictitious. Living in the United States was the best time in Yelena’s life, so she clings to it with great affection. Natasha was old enough to understand the easy life she could have led in America with a family she could call her own, so she pushed her crushed American dream to forget the pain.

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz

Natasha and Yelena are quite young when they leave America and are instantly thrown out of their fabricated family to the lives of Black Widow operatives. The opening credits of Black widow they reveal the stark contrast in their new lives to their old playful lives, which now face death, moral dissociations, and the loss of self and autonomy. Marvel fans know that Natasha escapes the control of the Red Room, eventually using her Russian assassin training for the greater good as an Avenger in the United States. The only way Natasha came to live an American Dream was when the United States could exploit her abilities as a weapon, but at least she still had autonomy.

Yelena was not as lucky as Natasha. It is revealed that she has been part of the psychological reconfigurations fabricated by her Melina, who only regains her self-control after a freed Black Widow crushes Red Dust around her. Considering that most of Yelena’s earliest memories of any concept of family and happiness are associated with her time in Ohio, she clings to her family unit more than anyone else: “American Pie” is a poignant reminder of the dream he clung to and the dream he had. lost. Black widow brings back the concept of family, manufactured or not, that many of the Avengers and especially Natasha have lost, which explains why she sacrificed her life for Barton; so he could hold onto hers.

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