Why Disney’s Sci-Fi Franchises Keep Failing (& How They Can Fix)

adminMarch 24, 2021

Why Disney’s Sci-Fi Franchises Keep Failing (& How They Can Fix)

Disney sci-fi movies still struggle, with John Carter, Tomorrowland and others failing to launch franchises, but Avatar 2 may break the curse.

Disney keep trying, and failing, throw Science fiction franchises. Whether they are original attempts like the one from 2015 The world of tomorrow or adaptations of established book series as John Carter, The House of the Mouse seems incapable of getting its own sci-fi movie series off the ground. Fortunately, the company seems poised to end its current dry streak – it all depends on the success of Avatar 2.

the Tron The franchise has never gained significant traction, yet it remains arguably Disney’s most successful sci-fi property to date (with Tron 3 currently in production). Tron It may be a cult classic movie, but it was far from a hit when it debuted in 1982. It finally landed a sequel, Tron: Legacy in 2010, as well as a short-lived animated television series Tron: Uprising, which aired in 2012-2013. In general, however, the reception of the franchise has been mixed. Disney’s other ambitious attempt to launch a sci-fi franchise, the adaptation John Carter, It was a huge disappointment when it was released in 2012, prompting the cancellation of all sequel plans. Even from Disney The world of tomorrow was a box office flop, despite its impressive budget and a admittedly fun sci-fi premise: an alternate-dimensional cityscape, loosely inspired by the Disney-themed land, Tomorrowland.

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Disney has not completely failed in terms of science fiction, as it owns the studios responsible for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars; however, when it comes to Disney home productions, it has struggled to produce a marketable sci-fi franchise. Disney has had many successful movie franchises: pirates of the Caribbean It comes to mind, but for various reasons, Disney’s approach to science fiction in the last decade just hasn’t worked. Even titles with built-in fan bases and fantasy elements, like A wrinkle in time or Birds of Artemis, he failed to find an audience or impress critics.

Why Disney’s Sci-Fi Franchises Keep Failing

Tomorrowland and TRON Legacy movie

The films mentioned above have certain points in common. In virtually every example of the 21st century, Disney sci-fi films failed to launch franchises due to two main factors: inflated budgets and complicated storylines. Tron: Legacy, John carter, Y The world of tomorrow, all were relatively expensive, with John carter being one of the most expensive movies ever made. Because production costs are so high, no doubt due to special effects, what constitutes a blockbuster is much higher than if budgets were more modest. Disney has invested heavily in some of these projects with the expectation of putting together a series of multiple films, only for the company to “fail”, despite ticket sales exceeding $ 100 million. For example, John carter made more than $ 280 million, yet it is considered one of the biggest bombs in movie history. The main reason why John carter It failed is due to impossibly high standards – the only way it was going to break even was if it was in the top 10 grossing movies in 2012.

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The other main problem with these Disney sci-fi movies is that they all suffer from fundamental story problems. “Too ambitious“”uneven narration,” Y “incomprehensible“are common criticisms leveled at these films. Either the result of too much producer interference and a ‘committee writing’ approach or just not enough emphasis is placed on properly developing the script before filming begins, possibly the These sci-fi movies’ biggest mistake-fi titles is that the stories are hard to follow.

How Avatar 2 Can Break Disney’s Sci-Fi Curse

Avatar 2 new villains Navi

Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time (again), and the next sequel Avatar 2 is about to break the curse of Disney sci-fi. Avatar it wasn’t actually originally a Disney production; James Cameron’s ownership was one of the titles Disney acquired from its historic merger with 20th Century Fox in 2019. Cameron is producing four Avatar sequels, scheduled to release over the next seven years. The franchise is expected to have a significant sci-fi presence over the next decade, and since the first two occur simultaneously, viewers can expect at least those two to hit theaters. Cameron has a solid track record as a director; its success is not guaranteed, but it is very likely.

Disney could be in a position to launch the next big sci-fi franchise with Avatar 2; There will not only be the other direct sequels that are already scheduled, but also the potential for merchandising, television spin-offs and other films set in the universe. The flip side, however, is that while Avatar 2 can save Disney’s sci-fi problem, it will also be disastrous if it fails. After post-production in Avatar 2 Y 3 is finished, shooting in Avatar 4 Y 5 It’s expected to start, which doesn’t leave much room for Disney to react. Avatar 2box office performance. Hopefully these movies break the Disney sci-fi franchise damn, rather than adding to the long list of disappointing attempts.

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