Why Melissa McCarthy Is Such Perfect Casting For Fake Hela

adminMarch 8, 2021

Why Melissa McCarthy Is Such Perfect Casting For Fake Hela

Melissa McCarthy will play a fake Hela in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth. Here’s why her casting is so perfect.

Thor: love and thunder Photos from the set have confirmed the return of Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth as fake Loki and Thor, who will now be joined by Melissa McCarthy as fake Hela, which is a perfect casting for the film. Thor: RagnarokRecreation of the work of Thor: The Dark World It was one of the most comical aspects of the film, in large part due to the star power brought by the goofy roles of Damon, Hemsworth and Sam Neill. The addition of Melissa McCarthy as Hela hints at another similar scene in Love and thunder.

Top Hollywood stars don’t usually appear in someone else’s movie to joke around, but Taika Waititi forced several big names to do just that in Thor: Ragnarok. Getting Chris Hemsworth’s brother Luke to replace actor-Thor was a particular inspiration, especially given the entire Hemsworth family’s predilection for the stage. Thor: Love and thunder will spread Ragnarokdramatic reenactment, presumably covering part of RagnarokThe story, this time with the notable addition of McCarthy.

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Regardless of how long the fake Hela spends on screen, McCarthy is guaranteed to steal every second. She has proven her talents time and time again as one of today’s funniest comedians, and her particular disposition towards physical comedy and emotionally intense characters should make Cate Blanchett’s icy rendition of Hela in Ragnarok. McCarthy and Damon are veterans of the SNL guest list, so hopefully they will have at least a little time to face off on. Thor: love and thunder.

Matt Damon as Loki in Thor Ragnarok

The choice to cast a comedian like McCarthy as the fake Hela is also interesting from a narrative point of view, as it sheds some light on how Asgardians choose to remember the events of Ragnarok. Hela was ultimately defeated, but not before the entire ordeal left old Asgard in ruins, forcing its residents to flee to Earth. Without having spent much time between the end of Ragnarok and the beginning of Love and thunderIt’s funny that those same Asgardians choose to portray Hela in such an absurd and silly way.

One explanation is that Asgard has decided to alleviate the damage Hela inflicted in hindsight by making her comical. McCarthy is a great choice if that’s the case, as his exaggerated style of humor would help make the danger Hela posed seem more ridiculous than terrifying. Of course, it has not been revealed in what context the new play takes place, so there could be several explanations. Whatever happens, McCarthy should be a great and fun addition to Thor: love and thunder.

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