Why Sub-Zero Is So Much More Powerful Than Every Champion

adminApril 30, 2021

Why Sub-Zero Is So Much More Powerful Than Every Champion

Sub-Zero is clearly the biggest threat in the Mortal Kombat reboot, and there’s good reason no one can match the strength of the Ice Ninja.

Mortal Kombat features a series of incredibly powerful fighters, but Sub-Zero is by far the strongest. As the leading warrior of Shang Tsung for what seems like hundreds of years, Bi-Han / Sub-Zero killed numerous would-be Earthrealm challengers and acted as one of Outworld’s most effective soldiers. While very little of Bi-Han’s background is revealed in the film, the Mortal Kombat Video games give a clearer idea of ​​how Sub-Zero became so powerful.

Bi-Han is a member of the Lin Kuei clan, a legendary group of deadly assassins who sell their services to various (often evil) clients. As one of Lin Kuei’s elite warriors, Bi-Han slew countless enemies, gaining skill and honing his ice magic as he did. In the games, this long run of brutal murder eventually turned Bi-Han’s soul evil, which only magnified his dark powers. His inherent training and magical abilities, combined with this turn toward pure darkness, made Sub-Zero one of the most fearsome fighters in any of the realms.

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There is another factor to Sub-Zero’s strength that is unique to the Mortal Kombat reboot – its shocking longevity. The Bi-Han version of the film has apparently survived for over 400 years, much of it in the service of Shang Tsung. If Sub-Zero was a longtime servant of Outworld, he may have been granted some additional magical power to stay alive. That would explain why he remains loyal to Shao Kahn’s mission to conquer Earthrealm, even when it has little to do with him personally (aside from Scorpion’s involvement, of course).

Mortal Kombat 11 Sub Zero

In the games, Bi-Han eventually sells his soul in exchange for an even greater dark power after his death. It is possible that Sub-Zero’s exceptional strength in the film is partly due to a similar deal with Shang Tsung. That seems particularly likely given the sorcerer’s predilection for souls, and would fit in with the character’s story from the games. After hundreds of years spent harnessing his own magic and trading his humanity for even greater power, Sub-Zero would naturally be stronger than any of Earthrealm’s individual challengers.

Of course yes Mortal Kombat 2 Following the story of the games, Bi-Han will return from his defeat even stronger than before. After descending to the Netherrealm in the games, Bi-Han completely surrenders himself to darkness, transforming into the deadly shadow ninja Noob Saibot. That could lead to some exciting rematches if the Mortal Kombat The movie franchise continues.

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