Why The Last Duel Really Bombed At The Box Office

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Why The Last Duel Really Bombed At The Box Office

Director Ridley Scott blames Millennials for The last duelbox office flop, but what is the real reason the film underperformed? Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (with assistance from Nicole Holofcener), the film debuted in October to mixed reviews and a low theatrical turnout, making it a box office flop. In an interview with THR, Scott blamed Millennials on their phones as the culprits of The last duelshown at the box office, but it omitted quite a few promotional and timing factors that were the real problems with the film’s poor performance. The post-pandemic box office is tough for any movie, but The last duel He had an uphill battle from the beginning.

Based on the real life story of the last known duel in medieval times, The last duelThe true story is complex and heavy, which likely put audiences off looking for an escape from more severe entertainment. Despite the name of the actors involved in the film, including Damon, Driver, and Affleck, the overall appeal to mass audiences was low, especially given the options they had at the time of release. With the pandemic still in place, a certain type of film is needed to bring audiences back to the movies. The last duel It’s packed with Scott’s signature flair, but for those out of step with what he has to offer, it just feels like a movie that’s easy to miss out on in theaters and watch later at home. For audiences, especially the youngest, the resistance is for large, elegant and expensive shows, such as Halloween kills, Dune, or No time to die, all of which have broader appeal.

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Marketing and timing played a key role in how The last duel was also received. Trailers, commercials, and even longer clips were released to help generate interest in the film, but almost none of them highlighted the talent involved in the film, focusing instead only on the story. For audiences testing the waters in theaters, regardless of age demographics, one thing for sure is a better sell than a risky movie that could be a long, slow movie with little in the way of a guaranteed good time in. cinema. The last duelRegardless of how it was actually shown to audiences, word just didn’t get out about what it had to offer, from star power to its unique structure and creative talent involved; everything was downplayed, allowing the audience to choose something recognizable, rather than taking a chance on something unfamiliar, which is probably the biggest factor that hindered The last duel of being a blockbuster.

The Last Duel’s target audience is a hard-to-sell post-pandemic

The Last Duel Matt Damon Adam Driver

The last duel He also suffered a marketing campaign that tried to attract everyone and no one. He painted the portrait of a conspiracy-driven medieval drama with a simple one-on-one battle at its core, which can be hard to sell to audiences looking for an escape, especially when there are established franchises to choose from. Older (and younger) audiences simply had more attractive options at launch and The last duel He didn’t recognize what he was up against or how best to combat it through marketing and timing. Beyond that, audiences were looking for something less taciturn and burdensome, looking more for an escape from the darker stories, as the news cycle, pandemic troubles, and economic changes have left many with enough hard-to-take-in material.

The last match had too much box office competition

fall 2021

With superheroes and entertainment dominating the box office right now, The last duel attracted more to older audiences, who were being drawn at the same time by the latest James Bond entry, No time to die, a more attractive option for that age group, as it is an established franchise that most have grown up with. Younger audiences aren’t that much of a fan of Scott’s work as he often teeters between blockbuster movies and historical dramas and quieter character pieces, making the other big competitor, Halloween deaths, an easier option to gravitate towards. The other massive obstacle to The last duel was by Denis Villeneuve Dune, which opened a week later The last duel. Dune It was widely marketed and had a much broader appeal to audiences of all ages, making it a much more attractive option for younger people. and older audiences.

The Last Duel’s marketing wasn’t convincing enough (and hid the best part)

The last duel box office flop ben affleck matt damon

The movie didn’t get the best marketing treatment either, leaving out an important aspect of the movie, which is the Rashomon-like three-act structure. Taking place from three different perspectives could easily have been a major selling point for The last duel, but it is never mentioned or alluded to in any of the trailers. Leaving such an interesting aspect out of marketing was a huge misstep and is a major contributor to declining returns. Additionally, the trailers didn’t leave viewers with remarkable visuals or dialogue that made it a must-see in theaters, nor did they highlight the film’s pedigree enough to generate interest. The last time Damon and Affleck wrote a movie together (Hunting goodwill) won an Oscar for their efforts, which is never mentioned here, nor is their star power displayed in a way that invites audiences not to miss out. The same can be said for Scott, as his name is not even mentioned in the trailers, which is something quite significant that should be left out when the director of Gladiator, Fallen Black Hawk, The Martian, and Alien they are at the helm.

Ridley Scott is an amazing and iconic filmmaker and The last duel It may well be a great watch, but for R-rated audiences just back in theaters, the movie needed more incentive to show up, risk their health, and break the habit of staying home waiting for the broadcast. Now, more than ever, Hollywood needs to do its best to commercialize its latest endeavors, as it could mean the difference between what theaters will play and what they won’t play for years to come. Ultimately, theater owners want chair-filling movies and, for better or worse, venturing into theaters is the toughest sale ever. Timing and marketing are of the essence at this point, so halving those efforts and assuming the end product will sell on its own is now an old-fashioned way of thinking about the new post-pandemic realm of theatrical display.

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