Why The Mass Effect Movie Adaptation Was Cancelled

adminJuly 1, 2021

Why The Mass Effect Movie Adaptation Was Cancelled

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition director Mac Walters says a movie adaptation was scrapped to make way for a TV series, allowing for a broader storyline.

The Massive effect The film adaptation was canceled to make it a full television series. The now fourteen-year-old space RPG series was recently celebrated with an acclaimed Legendary Edition, remastering the first three games in the series all rolled into one. The trilogy surrounds Commander Shepard, the first human nominated to serve as a member of Specter: The Galactic Police Force in the year 2183. While the phrase “Mass Effect” comes from in-game technology that allows for mass manipulation, as more fast-traveling than light, the title also fits in with the way the game takes into consideration the player’s choices. Many of the secondary characters will die or survive depending on how the player chooses to move through the galaxy, causing each choice to have a massive effect.

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The desire to adapt video games to Hollywood’s cash cow attempts has been around for decades, with 2001 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider or 1993 critically criticized Super Mario Bros. movie. However, recently, as video game sales break records, the controller-to-remote pipeline has exploded, from the upcoming Netflix. Assassin’s creed series and Amazon Fall to HBO’s The last of us and Warner Bro. Minecraft. In 2010, a Massive effect The film adaptation was picked up by Legendary Pictures with Warner Bros. releasing it, but for eleven years, fans were never completely sure why the project had yet to hit theaters.

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According to a recent interview by Business Insider Australia, the Massive effect The film was canceled so that it could be made into a television series. The project manager Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Mac Walters, said that “IIf you are going to tell a story as developed as ‘Mass Effect’, television is the way to do it. There is a natural way for it to fit in well with episodic content.“As the film adapted for Legendary, the recognition that 90-120 minutes were not going to be cut became more apparent given Massive effectnotoriety for its richness of content. Once Legendary underwent a leadership change, the project turned to television and started over. Walters explains how this was very positive for the adaptation:

When we create a ‘Mass Effect’ game, we have a backbone or general story that we want to tell, but each level or mission is like its own television episode. It is not written in advance. It is written at the time we do it. So it gets added to the main story and sometimes the main story is adjusted because we did something really cool in that ‘episode’. The long narrative is a great place for game franchises.

Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson and Thane Krios in the Mass Effect 2 poster with guns

This was not the first time that a movie adaptation of a video game evolved into a television series, with aura getting the same treatment on Showtime before moving to Paramount +. However, although a recent appearance of user-controlled television had become a possibility for the series, as in Black mirror Y The unshakable Kimmy Schmidt, Walters doesn’t think that’s the best way to translate Massive effectplayer options on the screen. “It was great as an experiment“Walters pointed out”but I don’t know if that’s what we should get out of games in terms of storytelling.“For now, while a television series may better cover the length of a video game story, there does not seem to be as much interest from the creator in incorporating other game basics into the viewer experience at the moment.

As fans have wanted to see their favorite games receive adaptations, the next Unexplored starring Tom Holland in the canceled Bioshock movie, Hollywood has put its studios into overdrive to deliver. Where video game storylines were once ignored as a superfluous means of justifying shooting bad guys, the breadth of lore and story in Massive effect it can rival a classic novel. Hollywood is always looking for stories to tell, and the growing market for video games only expands both that set of plots and the name recognition required for people to see.

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Fountain: Business Insider Australia

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