Why The Suicide Squad Is A Box Office Disappointment

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Why The Suicide Squad Is A Box Office Disappointment

Suicide squad It was a box office disappointment despite receiving warmly positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The emergence of the Delta variant in a market that has already struggled to deal with COVID-19 certainly hurt ticket sales, but there are other factors that likely contributed to the film’s lackluster performance. Namely, the availability to see the feature on HBO Max, as well as the confusing marketing, created a poor commercial environment.

In particular, the relationship between the box office and the reviews of Suicide squad It is the complete opposite of the movie’s predecessor. Suicide squad The DCEU’s first attempt to bring the team of supervillains to the big screen was a major financial success when it debuted in August 2016. The film grossed a record $ 133.7 million in its domestic opening weekend and, Ultimately, it grossed a whopping $ 746.8 million worldwide, with no release in China. On the other hand, critics criticized the film, pointing to its confusing plot, weak handling of its central characters, and obvious studio interference in director David Ayer’s work.

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Suicide squadRather, it has enjoyed significantly better reception as a more coherent film with well-defined characters and conflicts, as well as an overall creative vision more fully realized by director James Gunn. In fact, the filmmaker ironically claimed the biggest box office earnings of August with his entry into Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy before yesterday Suicide squad took over that place. Despite its impressive critical achievements, Gunn’s Suicide squad It did not receive as much financial success as either of these films, opening to just $ 26.5 million.

Suicide Squad box office shows ongoing impact of COVID

Ratcatcher 2 and Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad

The most obvious and possibly significant contributing factor to the poor box office performance of Suicide squad It’s the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has audiences reluctant to go back to the movies. As theaters reopened across the country to coincide with a larger vaccine release in the early summer, box office numbers saw a brief spike. Movies like A Quiet Place: Part II Y F9: The Quick Saga saw the largest openings in the span of the pandemic, and for a moment, it seemed that audiences might be excited about the idea of ​​seeing a summer blockbuster on a big screen surrounded by other viewers.

Then came the Delta variant. A more contagious threat coincided with a decline in vaccination rates and created another wave of COVID infections, leading to more anxiety about spending time in closed public places like movie theaters. Suicide squad, positioned to be released at a point where COVID cases would have been under control, it unfortunately encountered the opposite situation. Box office numbers had already been trending downward as the summer wore on, with the mast Black widow experiencing a massive drop in ticket sales after its opening weekend and all subsequent films remain below the $ 40 million opening mark. In this way, Suicide squad it is just the latest victim of an increasingly terrible film market.

How did HBO Max affect the Suicide Squad box office?

The Suicide Squad HBO Max Release Time Header

However, it was not just COVID that contributed to Suicide squadBad ticket sales. The film was part of Warner Bros. ‘unprecedented move to make movie premieres available to watch on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters. That means those who were too nervous to go to the movies could watch Suicide squad from the safety of your own homes at no additional cost (unlike Disney + Premier Access, which includes a $ 29.99 fee in addition to the regular subscription price). That double-release strategy, in fact, paints a bigger and more complicated picture than the low box office figures suggest, as 2.8 million households gave the film the second-highest ratings for the streaming service. behind alone. Mortal Kombat.

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Transmission numbers indicate that Suicide squad it is not entirely a failure, nor is it in any way a success. Another HBO Max Release, The Critically Acclaimed In the heights, suffered so much at the box office Y streaming, while movies like Suicide squad Y Mortal Kombat they have found an alternative route of success at least partially. An important factor to consider is the R-ratings of these latest movies, a barrier for younger audiences who now have a way to access these movies without sneaking into a theater. However, the real mark of streaming success is the number of new subscribers these releases brought in, a tidbit that has not been publicly available at this time regarding Warner Bros. ‘most recent version.

Did The Suicide Squad’s marketing and 2016 hookups let you down?

Rick Flag and Polka-Dot Man on the rooftop gliding with Task Force X in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

Another factor to consider in the poor performance of Suicide squad it’s how geeky and confusing the movie’s background is. The decision to make minimal reference to the original Suicide squad in marketing it generated confusion about the identity of the film. On the flip side, characters like Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Rick Flag were making a comeback, further complicating the viewer’s overall perception of what, exactly, the movie was about. The trailers and posters suggested that Suicide squad It wasn’t a sequel, but the presence of familiar faces made it clear that the movie wasn’t entirely a repeat, either. Those who were privy to the studio’s in-house baseball maneuvers and James Gunn’s winding career were up to date on all production details, but the average viewer was completely lost. “You don’t know squadTV commercials and YouTube ads brazenly proclaimed, underestimating the veracity of that sentiment.

Did the suicide squad lack movie outlets?

suicide squad harley quinn with guns

On that note, the general public never latched onto anything specific about the new Suicide squad. Jared Leto’s tattooed Joker was the subject of a barrage of ridicule on the internet, but it was a recognizable selling point. So was the presence of Will Smith and the promise that Suicide squad would definitely connect with him at that time recently released Batman v. Superman. Rather, Harley Quinn was the only widely identifiable trait of Suicide squad, and even she couldn’t guarantee success considering the poor financial returns of her own Birds of prey movie. Whether it’s because audiences still associate her with a bad movie or they just can’t mentally separate her from her abusive ex-boyfriend, she’s still up in the air, but it certainly creates further confusion. Big names like Idris Elba and John Cena didn’t help because they were new members of the cast despite their star power, and even the name of the film, which was distinguished with the addition of a grammar article, was confusing.

What the Suicide Squad box office means for the DCEU

Peacemaker John Cena in Suicide Squad

The post-COVID release of movies in both digital services and physical theaters complicates the box office numbers in a way the market has never really addressed. In this way, the financial failure of Suicide squad It might not be as apocalyptic as it sounds. The film remains a critical success, and it still has a chance to attract streaming viewers through tried and true word of mouth. It also opened in the first place of the box office, which means that at least it is not another Snake Eyes or In the heightsBoth big-budget movies that didn’t even hit first place on their opening weekend. Pacifier, a spinoff television series, is still moving forward as an HBO Max exclusive, and DC Films has already confirmed that James Gunn will return for future DC movies. All this indicates that the box office figures are perhaps more indicative of the suffering of the film market in general and implies that Suicide squad it is not entirely a unique bust. Above all, it is far from a doomsday call for the DCEU.

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