Why Zack Snyder Kept His Name On The Justice League Theatrical Cut

adminMarch 20, 2021

Why Zack Snyder Kept His Name On The Justice League Theatrical Cut

After the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut, the filmmaker talks about why he kept his name attached to the film’s theatrical cut.

Coming off the release of Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated director’s cut, By Zack Snyder League of Justice, the filmmaker spoke about why he kept his name attached to the theatrical montage of the film. The original League of Justice It hit theaters in 2017 to mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Snyder had completed principal photography when his daughter tragically died by suicide, prompting the director to quit the project. He was replaced by Joss Whedon, fresh out of Marvel Studios after lukewarm reception to The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Whedon was tasked with completing post-production on the film, but at the urging of Warner Bros., he ended up filming additional scenes and making more dramatic changes to Snyder’s original film than many initially thought.

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Leading League of Justice Theatrical release, there were some questions about who would be credited as the film’s director. Eventually, it was revealed that Snyder would have sole director credit on the film, and Whedon would only receive one credit for his screenplay. Despite that, fans and critics alike noted how the theatrical cut of League of Justice It didn’t feel like a traditional Snyder project, and many of Whedon’s cinematic quirks permeated throughout the film. However, under DGA rules, it would not have been possible for Whedon to be credited as the film’s sole director, as Snyder had completed principal photography himself. Still, many wondered how Snyder himself felt about being credited as sole director, considering the film felt so far removed from his typical style.

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Talking to MTV News, Snyder spoke about his decision to leave his name attached to the theatrical montage of League of Justice. When asked if Snyder had struggled to keep his name out of League of Justice, the filmmaker commented that he doesn’t think he ever considered removing his name from the film. Snyder argued that at the time, it just didn’t seem important, and he wanted to honor the hard work his team put into the film. He also claimed that he never saw the theatrical montage, which might have changed his mind on leaving his directorial credit on League of Justice. Check out his full comment below:

Did I fight it? I don’t know if I even thought about it. I mean, in hindsight, maybe that would have been something I could have done, but all my friends were involved and they all worked really hard. I never saw it. Perhaps, if I had seen it, I would have wanted to remove my name.

Zack Snyder's Justice League Complete Outfit

The differences between Whedon and Snyder versions of League of Justice they’re raw, and with the release of the Snyder cut on HBO Max, the general public can finally see what Snyder’s vision was. Snyder’s version, while criticized for its four-hour runtime, has been overwhelming and deemed superior to the theatrical cut, addressing many of the complaints fans and critics directed against it in 2017.

Even if Snyder had decided to remove his name from the theatrical montage of League of Justice, Whedon was unlikely to have received a director’s credit due to DGA rules. Most likely, the film’s director was credited as Alan Smithee, which is historically what happens when a director takes his name out of a project. In the name of solidarity with those with whom he worked on the project, it is understandable why Snyder made the decision to keep his name on the project, despite how different it ended up being from his original vision. However, we no longer have to guess what that vision was, as By Zack Snyder League of Justice is available for viewing on HBO Max.

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Source: MTV News

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