WW84 Star Thinks HBO Max Release Hurt Movie’s Critic & Fan Reactions

adminApril 3, 2021

WW84 Star Thinks HBO Max Release Hurt Movie’s Critic & Fan Reactions

Connie Nielsen, who plays Hippolyta, believes the unprecedented release of the DCEU sequel meant it was put “under undeserving scrutiny.”

Wonder Woman 1984 Star Connie Nielsen has defended the DCEU movie, blaming the delays and its HBO Max release for its decidedly lukewarm reception. Wonder Woman 1984 It was the first film to be affected by Warner Bros. ‘unprecedented distribution strategy for 2021. It was released in theaters and HBO Max on the same day in an effort to overcome obstacles facing cinema due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While its box office numbers were understandably low compared to the astronomical hit of 2017 Wonder Woman, the sequel to DCEU gave HBO Max a huge boost in subscribers, certifying it as a hit, just in a less conventional way.

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Wonder Woman 1984 It is just one of many massive blockbusters to be affected by the pandemic, as it faced numerous setbacks until its final release date. The building’s anticipation for the sequel certainly affected its reception, while initial reviews were largely positive, Wonder Woman 1984 experienced a flurry of negative reviews shortly after its release, leading to the film quickly losing its “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Now, as the film prepares for its home video release, Connie Nielsen has spoken about receiving Wonder Woman 1984 and the obstacles he had to overcome. Nielsen, who plays the Amazon Queen Hippolyta, defended the film in an interview with Geek’s Den. The actress said she believes the sequel was put “Under scrutiny he didn’t deserve” due to the many delays. Read the full quote below:

“I think what happens psychologically is that many films like that go into this unsafe territory where they face a judgment that normally would not have happened. The fact that he moved so many times put him under undeserved scrutiny. Also, as a sophomore film, it will always be compared to the previous one. “

Wonder Woman 1984 Chris Pine Steve Trevor

It is notorious that sequels have high expectations to meet, which makes many of them tend to miss the mark. Compared to the commercial and critical success of 2017 Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 It failed to live up to expectations due to its intricate and confusing plot and long running time. That said, it is also easy to argue that Wonder Woman 1984 landed a tough deal due to its unprecedented launch, which is what Nielsen seems to believe.

The Warner Bros / HBO Max distribution deal has continued to polarize fans, perhaps suggesting it had an impact on how Wonder Woman 1984 has been received. While it may not be exactly the same as Patty Jenkins’ first Wonder Woman movie, the sequel to DCEU has succeeded against the odds rather difficult, still managing to tell a moving and engaging story. It’s hard to say how Wonder Woman 1984 It might have been received differently in a world without COVID, but critics should be aware of its unusual distribution.

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Source: Geek’s Den

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