You’re Next Writer Confirms There Were Never Plans for a Sequel

adminMay 23, 2021

You’re Next Writer Confirms There Were Never Plans for a Sequel

Screenwriter Simon Barrett has confirmed that there were never any plans for a sequel to You’re Next. Since then, the killer has become a cult hit with horror fans.

You are the next Writer Simon Barrett has confirmed that there were never any plans for a horror film sequel. The 2011 home invasion film shows a family attacked by a group of masked robbers. The slasher has earned a cult following since its release, with fans praising the feminist portrayal of Erin (played by Australian actress Sharni Vinson) who grew up in a survival complex and turns her attackers around. The film was directed by Adam Wingard, Barrett’s frequent collaborator.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Simon Barrett has confirmed that there were never any plans for a You are the next continuation. Barrett explains that there was talk of “making a sequel if the [original] the movie was a success “, but the screenwriter “I never actually wrote anythingAfter the film failed commercially, Barrett was “glad” he hadn’t done any actual work on a sequel. Read Barrett’s full quote:

“The full answer is, after You are the next sold out, but prior to its theatrical release, which was a two-year process due to some corporate changes at Lionsgate at the time, we talked a bit about making a sequel if the movie was successful. I think we had some great ideas, but as with The Guest, You are the next Originally, it was never intended to have a sequel. We were excited to do one if there was any interest, but I never wrote anything. Adam and I just swapped a few ideas, and then when the movie flopped, I was glad I didn’t do any real work. “

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However, fans hoping to see more of Erin may be in luck. “I hope Erin is alrightBarrett said. The director confirmed that he and Wingard hope to get back to working with Vinson “soon” on a project. “Maybe we’ll call her character Erin in that movie and people can try to figure out what her middle decade must have been.“he joked. While it’s not the true sequel some might have hoped for, another collaboration between Barrett, Wingard, and Vinson could prove even more satisfying. As Barrett mentions, You are the next It wasn’t created with a sequel in mind, so forcing one could damage the original. Instead, whatever their next project together, it could serve as a spiritual sequel, allowing Barrett and Wingard to create another hero for Vinson that subverts even more horror tropes.

Although Wingard and Barrett will not collaborate on a You are the next sequel, the two were more successful after the movie. The couple collaborated on the thriller. The guest, which also faced commercial disappointment at the box office, but developed a cult following. Wingard has achieved great box office success directing Godzilla vs. Kong, the fourth Legendary’s film Cool monster. Barrett has continued to work in the horror genre, writing and directing the supernatural film. Session. The film stars Suki Waterhouse and is available in select theaters and on demand starting May 21, 2021.

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Source: THR

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