Zack Snyder Considered Brainiac For Man of Steel 2’s Superman Villain

adminMay 14, 2021

Zack Snyder Considered Brainiac For Man of Steel 2’s Superman Villain

Zack Snyder says that he considered one of Superman’s most famous foes as the main villain in Man of Steel 2 before the project became Batman V Superman.

Brainiac was regarded as the villain in Man of Steel 2 according to Zack Snyder. Iron Man It was released in theaters on June 14, 2013 and released the DCEU, which now includes multiple movies based on heroes such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Suicide Squad. However, no official sequel to Iron Man has been produced, and Warner Bros. chose instead to convert Man of Steel 2 within Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder then began to craft a five-part epic tale that would lead to League of Justice and its subsequent sequels.

Brainiac was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and first appeared on Action comics # 242 in July 1958. The character has been one of Superman’s most iconic enemies, second only to Lex Luthor. However, despite the popularity of the character, he has never made the leap to the big screen. The character was planned for Superman iii before being discarded. He was also an important part of Kevin Smith and Tim Burton. Superman lives treatment that never saw the light of day. Despite not appearing in the film, the character has made multiple television appearances, including in the DC Animated Universe. Smallville (played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer student, James Marsters), and most recently as the main villain in the short-lived series Syfy, Krypton.

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In an interview with BroBible, Zack Snyder revealed that he planned to use Brainiac in a sequel to Iron Man. Snyder does not explain if this was the original plan before. Man of Steel 2 turned Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or if this had come later League of Justice. He emphasizes that he feels that an alien villain is ideal for Superman. Snyder said:

We are talking about a Brainiac movie … I think it is better to give Superman these alien challenges because I think you have to be careful with, besides Lex Luthor, because of course you have to continue with Lex, because Lex is his true nemesis, but I think you really have to seek challenges outside of Earth for him because of how powerful he is.

Superman brainiac

Brainiac’s discussions seemed to have occurred early in the development of the sequel. Man of Steel 2 It was originally announced before the first movie was released in theaters, but when the movie came out, the studio decided to shift focus on creating the Justice League rather than a traditional Superman sequel. Snyder described the League of Justice The sequels will include the team battling a DCEU incarnation of the Legion of Doom and Darkseid with the story ending when Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s son became the new Batman. Therefore, it didn’t seem like there was a place for Brainiac in that story.

It seems that at this moment Man of Steel 2 it is unlikely to happen. Snyder has almost walked away from the DCEU, since Zack Snyder’s Justice League marked the end of that chapter in the series’ history. Warner Bros. has focused on highlighting new heroes like Zatanna, Blue Bettle, and Static Shock. The Superman franchise itself is getting another reboot from producer, JJ Abrams, and writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, which will feature a black Superman. While Brainiac could be a potential villain for that project, it seems unlikely fans will see Henry Cavill take on Brainiac any time soon.

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