Zack Snyder Jokingly Considered Having Ryan Reynolds Leak The Snyder Cut

adminApril 25, 2021

Zack Snyder Jokingly Considered Having Ryan Reynolds Leak The Snyder Cut

When asked if Ryan Reynolds could have leaked the Snyder Cut, Zack Snyder admits that the Deadpool actor would probably have been the better choice.

Zack Snyder jokes that he should have asked Ryan Reynolds to leak his League of Justice. Last month saw the release of Snyder’s director’s version of League of Justice, a four-hour epic that fans have been fighting for since 2017. Snyder was the original director of the DCEU film, but left mid-production due to a family tragedy. Warner Bros. later hired Joss Whedon to complete the film, but Whedon altered the vast majority of what Snyder had planned. League of Justice Fans who were disappointed in the final cut started campaigning for the release of Snyder’s version.

For three years, it seemed unlikely that the famous Snyder Cut of League of Justice would ever be released. Warner Bros. kept mum on the subject, and it seemed like fan efforts were playing on deaf ears. However, the Release the Snyder Cut movement was persistent, raising money and organizing billboards. At last, WB agreed to send Zack Snyder’s Justice League to HBO Max. Even better, they gave Snyder complete creative control over the finished product, so it registers in 4 hours and is presented in a 4: 3 ratio.

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In 2019, Screen Rant got a chance to visit the set of Snyder’s new Netflix movie Army of the dead and talk to the cast and crew. During the discussion, the concept floated that Reynolds leaked the Snyder Cut on behalf of the director, and Snyder had to laugh and agreed that “Ryan is a good guy probably to do it. “Then it seemed like he really got excited about the idea, adding:”What are you going to do? What is someone going to do to Ryan? He does not care! (laughs) Zero p *** da (laughs). Good idea. “

Reynolds has some experience with leaked images, although it is not entirely clear if the actor was responsible. In 2014, test footage of Reynolds as the foul-mouthed Marvel superhero Deadpool leaked online, sparking increased fan interest in a solo movie. That added excitement pushed Fox to greenlight a proper Deadpool movie with Reynolds in suit. Since then, Reynolds has repeatedly joked about trying to locate the mysterious leaker, but has yet to name the culprit. Could it have been him? I may never say.

Over the years, fans had begged Snyder to leak his League of Justice on your own. It would have put the movie in the hands of those who wanted it, but it wouldn’t have been Snyder’s complete vision. Still, it’s funny to consider what would have happened if someone like Reynolds actually leaked League of Justice. Snyder might be right in thinking that Reynolds would be virtually untouchable in the case of something like this, although in reality there probably would have been consequences. Fortunately, the Snyder Cut was released successfully and now fans can watch it as often as they want.

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Source: Visit to the set of the Army of the Dead

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