Zack Snyder’s 300 Sequel About A Gay Romance Was Rejected By WB

adminMay 18, 2021

Zack Snyder’s 300 Sequel About A Gay Romance Was Rejected By WB

Last year, Zack Snyder developed an idea for a new sequel to 300, this time centering on a romance between Alexander the Great and his closest confidante.

Zack Snyder reveals his 300 Warner Bros rejected the sequel focused on a gay romance with Alexander the Great. Long before Snyder received the keys to WB’s fledgling DC universe, the director first partnered with the studio on the epic of swords and sandals. 300. Based on the comic series by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, the film focused on a fictional account of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which the Spartan king Leonidas (Gerard Butler) led 300 men against the incredible might of the Persian army. . Even if 300 It inspired some controversy over its historical accuracy and portrayal of the Persians, was a box office hit, and has become a favorite with Snyder fans.

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300 was released in 2007, and a sequel followed seven years later, after Snyder had already started the DCEU with Iron Man. Snyder produced and co-wrote 300: Rise of an Empire, although it was directed by Noam Murro. Rise of an empire was not as financially successful as 3oo and got worse reviews. However, Snyder confirmed in 2016 that he still had some ideas for 300 sequels, some of which could move the franchise out of Ancient Greece.

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Turns out Snyder was still working on 300 as recently as last year, although Warner Bros. rejected his latest idea. While talking to The Playlist, Snyder revealed that he spent some time during the pandemic developing a third and final 300, as per your agreement with WB. Interestingly, however, his work pushed him in the direction of a love story between Alexander the Great and his closest confidant, Hephaestion. Warner Bros. was not interested. Snyder said:

“I couldn’t really get my teeth into it. On the pandemic, I made a deal with Warner Brothers and wrote what was essentially going to be the final chapter of ‘300’. But when I sat down to write it, I wrote a different movie. I was writing this about Alexander the Great and it became a movie about the relationship between Hephaestion and Alexander. It turned out to be a love story. So it really didn’t fit like the third movie.

“But there was that concept, and it was really cool. It’s called ‘Blood and Ashes’ and it’s a beautiful love story, really, with war. I would love to do it, [WB] she said no … you know, they’re not big fans of mine. It is what it is.”

300 launch meeting

Snyder’s relationship with Warner Bros. has deteriorated considerably over the past year. Signs of problems first emerged in 2017 during the production of League of Justice; Snyder eventually left due to a family tragedy. This led to the fervent fan campaign for the “Snyder Cut” of League of Justice, which WB finally released this year. That reignited fan interest in Snyder’s full DCEU plan, dubbed “SnyderVerse,” but Warner Bros. has so far resisted calls to restore it. In recent days, Snyder has opened up more about his relationship with WB, even going so far as to say that the studio “you tortured me” on League of Justice.

Weather 300 It is a very different project from the DCEU, it is clear that the creative partnership between Snyder and Warner Bros. is no longer positive. The studio is not very interested in the stories Snyder wishes to tell, which is a shame since his 300 The sequel idea sounded pretty compelling. However, if Warner Bros. wanted another bloody, war-focused story, it appears Snyder moved in a very different direction, prompting the studio to say no. Since then, Snyder has found a new home with Netflix, and that seems to be a much more positive relationship for him. Perhaps you will find more creative freedom there.

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