Zodiac Killer Real Identity Finally Revealed Investigators Say [Updated]

adminOctober 9, 2021

Zodiac Killer Real Identity Finally Revealed Investigators Say [Updated]

The true identity of the Zodiac Killer is revealed, according to investigators named Case Breakers, after spending years studying the case.

Update (October 6): According to a report by The coatThe FBI and California police have now disputed reports from investigators claiming that the identity of the Zodiac Killer has been revealed. New reports say the case remains open.

The true identity of the infamous Zodiac killer has been revealed, according to investigators investigating the case. The Zodiac Killer is one of the best-known serial killers of all time, having committed at least five unsolved murders in the San Francisco Bay area between 1968-1969. One of the things that kept the killer in the headlines, aside from never being caught, was his string of letters, cards and notes sent to the police to taunt them, many of which contained cryptograms or ciphers.

The cryptic messages have puzzled researchers for decades since then, with multiple theories and suspects named throughout that time, but nothing definitive. The Zodiac case has spawned a number of documentaries, movies, and books over the years, all of them attempting to shed light on who may / may have been the real murderer in an effort to solve the case once and for all. One of the most recent documentary series on the case was FX’s The most dangerous animal of all, which focused on a man who believed his father was the real Zodiac Killer.

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Today, TMZ (via Fox News) revealed an investigation team called “The Case Breakers”, a group of more than 40 former police investigators, journalists and military intelligence officers, announced that they have solved the case, naming Gary Francis Poste as the real Zodiac Killer. The team spent years investigating the case, examining new forensic evidence and photos from Poste’s darkroom, which have linked him to the murders. From photographs matching police sketches, to boots worn at the crime scene, and broken letter codes that revealed Poste’s name, investigators have searched a trove of evidence to link Poste to the crimes. One of the lead investigators said finding Poste’s name was the key to unraveling the case, saying: “So you have to know Gary’s full name in order to decipher these anagrams. I don’t think there is any other way anyone could have figured it out.”

zodiac robert downey jr jack

Poste was a former Air Force veteran who worked as a painter for decades before his death in 2018. He was known for owning firearms and acted as a father figure to the young men in his life, including his own son’s friends. Little else has been revealed about Poste as the investigation is still unraveling, but more details are expected as it unfolds. To date, the most famous exploration of the case in pop culture was David Fincher’s film, Zodiac, which left the public with the name Arthur Leigh Allen as the prime suspect, while entertaining other options. The film starred Robert Downey Jr. as journalist Paul Avery and Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle who became obsessed with solving the case of the Zodiac.

As technology and forensic science continue to advance, it’s no wonder unsolved mysteries are finally being solved. the Zodiac killer It has haunted amateur investigators and detectives for decades, and this is a huge step toward ending the case, allowing these same breakthroughs to focus on other unsolved murders and mysteries. For victims and their families, these kinds of revelations are likely bittersweet, but they also help close their loss a bit and allow them to move on.

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Source: TMZ (via Fox News)

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